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Impact Statement FAQs


When are impact statements due?

January 15

To whom do I submit my impact statement?

Agents submit to their district director; specialists submit to the appropriate program leader.

Who needs to submit an impact statement?

Staff who are required to submit an impact statement:

  • Agents with appointments of 0.5 to 1.0 FTE
  • All area and state specialists, regardless of appointment level.

Staff who are not required to submit an impact statement:

  • Agents with appointments less than 0.5 FTE
  • EFNEP and FNP assistants

How many impact statements are required?

The minimum is one impact statement. Additional statements may be submitted, but are not required.

How should an impact statement be written on team, multi-county, or joint programs? Who gets the credit?

A team member should take the lead on writing the combined impact statement and should list the other team members. This statement satisfies the reporting requirement for the author.

Other team members can write a statement on their individual county teaching efforts and their county impacts and will receive credit for this statement.

Multi-county, single event programs (i.e. Devils Lake Roundup) are more difficult to assign credit. The lead agent writing the statement would receive credit. It is advised that the lead author could rotate among agents in this type of situation.

What type of program should an impact statement be written on?

Impact statements should be written about programs that the agent or specialist was directly involved in teaching, training, or educational roles. In some cases, staff may also write about a program that involved significant activities in the program’s facilitation and organization that led to outcomes (i.e. policy changes).

Events that were hosted by an agent or specialist without a teaching role would not result in a strong impact statement.

What parts of the program should be included in the Extension Response section?

Include all Extension activities that contributed to the overall program’s success. Remember to include articles in newsletters or newspapers, tours, events in previous years, personal follow up, and new bulletins or other media. Describe if workshops were conducted as a series or held at multiple locations.

What time frame should the impact statement cover?

The statement should cover programming from the past year or multiple years including the past year.

The most significant program impacts may occur and be measured several months or a year after the programming. Therefore, statements can include the outcomes from programming from previous years if the evaluation of impacts was conducted in the past year.

Can impact statements be updated?

Impact statements can be updated if there are significant new outcomes to report. This would be most likely after completing a follow up evaluation. Impact statements on the same program for two years should be the maximum.

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