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Laboratory Testing Services at NDSU

I need a product tested. What kind of laboratory testing services do you have at NDSU?

College of Engineering-The departments of the college include Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering and Construction, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, each administered by a department chair with assigned faculty and staff.

Typical Questions
1. Can you help us determine the characteristics of this piece of metal?

2. We want to determine the impact resistance of this material, can you help?

3. We need an unbiased test to see how well this material stands up to various chemicals?

4. We need some stress analysis work done, can you help?

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

The purpose of the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department at North Dakota State University is to serve as an academic, research, and extension unit engaged in the development and transfer of knowledge or information. This will result in usable, economical, and sustainable technologies for enhanced production and utilization of agricultural, food, and other biological products and sustainable management of related environmental resources.

Facilities and Equipment:

*Computer Laboratory

*Engine Power and Machinery

*Prototyping Research Service

*Biologic Materials Properties and Handling

*Environmental Measurements

*Instrumentation and Teaching Service Laboratories

*Electrical and Electronic Technology

*Food Engineering and Pilot Plant

*Bio-imaging and Sensing Center


Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mission: To provide quality educational opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students through teaching, research and professional service, and to provide specialized support to the greater community.

Research, Laboratory and Testing Services:  Design Center
Mission: The NDSU Design Center was created as a media to open up a mutual relationship between the university and the small to mid-size companies nationwide.

Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory:

*Electromagnetic Compability

*Electromagnetic Theory

*Advanced Electromagnetics

*VLSI, Advanced Computing Lab- Design of Digital Systems, Signal Integrity, Embedded Electronics
*Signals and Systems Communication - System design and analysis, communicate with various Digital Signal Processing (DSP) boards
*Microprocessor Development - Microprocessor Development, Embedded Systems, Instrumentations, and Senior Design Activities
*Advanced Microprocessor Development- Assembly Language, Digital System and Implementation, Embedded Systems, and Computer System Design and 
*Signals and System Communication-Personal computer are dual-booted with variety of programs available for system design and analysis. These computers
 are used to communicate with various Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
*Bio-Research Lab-The study, analysis and application of Electrical Engineering into biomedical sciences to improve cardiac assist devices, surgical procedures, and diagnostic capabilities
*Power Electronics and System Research-Power Electronics, electrical machines and drives, development of high performance power supplies and application of soft switching techniques in ac-dc and dc-ac power conversions.

Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
Mission: Our mission is to educate undergraduate and graduate students in the fundamentals of the discipline and to prepare graduates who effectively function in society in the field of their choice while also having the learning skills to adapt to evolving personal and professional goals.

 Research, Laboratory and Testing Services:
*Bioengineering/Biomechanics Lab
*Materials Testing
*Computer Aided Design
*Computer Stress/strain Analysis (finite element method)
*Injection Molding and Polymer Processing Lab
*Fabrication of Plastic Parts
*Characterization of Polymer Structure
*Measurement of shear viscosity; dynamics mechanical properties; mechanical properties; tensile properties; modules
*Instrumentation and Controls
*Checking sensors for the measurements of tempature, force, pressure, etc.
*Materials and Metallurgical Lab
*Microstructure, hardness, micro hardness, tensile test properties, corrosion, failure analysis, creep testing
*Advanced Materials Testing Lab
*Axial fatigue testing of monolithic/composite materials
*Tension/compression, testing of materials
*Environmental effects on materials (elevated and reduced temperature testing, monotonic and cyclic, cyclic temperature tests); impact testing of materials
*Stress Analysis Laboratory
*Test to obtain material properties, stress analysis, failure analysis, component testing, impact testing, plastics, testing, composite materials processing
*Automotive Systems Laboratory
*Simulation of different decelerating conditions
*Measurement of the impact on human head/neck in high speed deceleration conditions
*Performance and durability testing for diesel engines
*Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer Laboratory

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Services
Mission: Industrial engineering has a unique focus, as well as extraordinary breath. The primary idea is to apply systematic, disciplines, engineered thinking to all types of human enterprise. Often this means applying lessons that have been hard won in the industrial sector to service oriented enterprises, such as healthcare, transportation and government. Often, advancements in quality, cost effectiveness and timeliness that have been learned in the crucible of global industrial competition can be extended to service providers. Industrial engineers are the people who do this.

Research, Laboratory and Testing Service - This department also features three laboratories equipped with the latest technology


Capstone Projects: Real world client projects serve as the workload for the course, and the student project teams are assigned to the various projects. The purpose of the project teams is to study their client's problems, develop alternative solutions, and propose implementation strategies. Each year project ideas are solicited from area industries. Although there is no deadline for when potential clients should contact the department, it is highly recommended that it be done no later than one month before the spring semester. Potential clients can reach the department to request consideration for a senior project team by submitting an online form or calling IME Department Chair, Dr Wells @ 701-231-7287.Capstone Projects Faculty

         Useful Link: College of Engineering and Architecture Faculty Research Interests

 Students in Technology Transfer and Research (STTAR)--STTAR is a work-placement program, matching upper division North Dakota State University students with the North Dakota firms. The company pays at least half of the students salary.

Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) -This is about outreach. NDSU SIFE does outreach projects that have influence on students, from the elementary level on up through college, and those in the general business community. SIFE educates people about free enterprise by teaching them about business plans, retirement opportunities, responsible business practices, and much more. SIFE has served as a liaison between successful professional business leaders and students. SIFE has taught elementary school to college age students about free enterprise through mentoring, workshops, and seminars. 


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