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Something Special About YewYew

The finest evergreen for shady areas is underutilized here in North Dakota. Yew needles are dark green and contrast beautifully with the snow of winter. Yew is a beautiful shrub all by itself or can serve as an attractive background to shorter perennials. The red seedpods are brilliant.
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Emerald Ash Borer AwarenessNo EAB

Emerald ash borer entered Michigan in the mid-1990s and has been spreading ever since. It has been found in Minnesota, Manitoba and South Dakota. Green ash is the most popular tree in North Dakota and is susceptible to this borer. The following articles focus on the pest and how to prevent its harmful impacts in North  Dakota: 
Overview/BackgroundSigns/SymptomsFirewoodValue/CostDiversity/Replacement TreesTreatmentsSummary/Reiteration.


Planting Trees in North Dakota

Planting trees

When planted properly, trees can live far beyond our lifetimes, providing shade and beauty. If planted incorrectly, trees become a liability or die prematurely. This publication describes types of tree stock, timing considerations, planting methods and post-planting care.
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Diagnosing Spruce DisordersDiagnosing spruce disorders 

Spruces suffer from a number of insect, disease and environmental problems. Learn how to recognize and manage these issues.
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Mulch Madness

Shredded bark mulch around tree

Do you enjoy torturing plants? If yes, get some rock mulch and place it around your plants. A rocky bed may look good to us, but plants suffer in this environment. Use shredded bark (or wood chips) instead. This organic mulch is better for many reasons.
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Trees in ShockLeaf scorch 

When a tree is dug for transplanting, it can lose 95 percent of its root system. That’s shocking! Learn how to care for your newly planted trees and reduce transplanting shock. Mulch your trees and irrigate regularly.
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American elmOur State Tree is Making a Comeback

There has been major progress in the development of elms that resist Dutch elm disease. This includes Prairie Expedition elm from NDSU. New cultivars and improved strategies in managing Dutch Elm Disease have made elm one of the finest trees for North Dakota landscapes.
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Tree Diagnostic Series

Iron chlorosis

This series of 23 cards will help you diagnose common tree disorders in North Dakota. The cards contain diagnostic photos, host range, symptoms and signs, and management tips. 
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Katsura treeWoody Plant Diversity in Landscapes

Learn why diversity is needed in landscapes and what we can do about it. We’ll discuss issues with monocultures and then give suggestions on underutilized trees and shrubs.

Additional Publications and Videos

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Basic Guidelines for Pruning Trees and Shrubs 

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Dutch Elm Disease in North Dakota: A New Look

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The Old and the New: Two Needle Diseases of Spruce in North Dakota

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Emerald Ash Borer Biology and Integrated Pest Management in North Dakota

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Ash Tree Identification

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Managing Apple Scab in North Dakota Crabapples

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Integrated Pest Management of Japanese Beetle in North Dakota

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The Root of Tree Health: Beneficial Fungi

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Fall Care and Clean-Up of the Garden and Landscape

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Conifers for North Dakota

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Barkophiles: Why We Love Bark

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