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Image PNG image Spring Lawn Care
Image PNG image Home
Image JPEG image Gardening Without Removing Sod
Image PNG image Horticulture for the Home Title Screen
The title screen fro Horticulture for the Home videos
Image PNG image Fall Flower Care with Todd Weinmann
Image PNG image Raised Beds
A view from Building a Raised Bed video
Image PNG image Trees and Shrubs Book Cover
Cover of the book "Trees and Shrubs for Northern Great Plains Landscapes"
Image JPEG image Dandelion Closeup
Image PNG image Non-Pattern Lawn Discoloration
Image JPEG image Rhubarb in Flower
Image JPEG image Young Forest Tent Caterpillar Larvae
Very young larvae of forest tent caterpillar on the twig of an apple tree. They lack the distinct keyhole-shaped markings on the top side as seen in mature larvae.
Image JPEG image Mature Forest Tent Caterpillar Larvae
Mature larva of forest tent caterpillar, Mandan, June 2007. Notice the white, keyhole-shaped markings on the top of the larva.
Image JPEG image Forest Tent Caterpillar Egg Mass
Egg mass of forest tent caterpillar.
Image PNG image Flower Gardening
Image JPEG image northern acclaim honeylocust
fall color of northern acclaim honeylocust
Image D source code Pineapple Weed
Image JPEG image Oak Apple Gall
Image JPEG image Jumping oak leag galls
Image JPEG image Red Pea Gall
Image PNG image Fall Lawn Care - Video
Image PNG image Caring for Flowers in the Fall - Video
Image PNG image Fall Garden Care - Video
Image Test Picture
Image Troff document Sod Webworm Adult
Image Sod Webworm Larvae in turf
Image Ash phloem 1
EAB, phloem
Image Ash phloem 2
EAB, phloem
Image oak phloem
EAB, phloem
Image American elm phloem
EAB, phloem
Image Russian-olive phloem
EAB, phloem
Image JPEG image NDSU Master Gardener logo
NDSU Master Gardener logo
Image Test Image
Image ECMAScript program ironwood leaves
Image Troff document basswood bract
Image ECMAScript program buckthorn leaves
Image classic winter injury
winter injury, conifer, evergreen, disease
Image Spruce branch with winter injury
spruce, conifer, evergreen, winter injury, stress, disease
Image Crabgrass
Image Octet Stream Tree City USA
Image chemical/x-molconn-Z No EAB
Image C source code No EAB - small graphic
Image Tick Identification
File Octet Stream Bridal Wreath Spirea
Image Bridal Wreath Spirea
Image Troff document Ash Rust
Image Oak Leaf Blister
File C header Environmental leaf scorch
Ohio buckeye tree, NDSU Campus, 2013, environmental leaf scorch
Image ECMAScript program Schubert chokecherry - new leaves
Newly formed Schubert chokecherry leaves, showing green color, before changing to a purple tone.
Image ECMAScript program Hybrid poplar - new leaves
Newly formed leaves of a hybrid poplar show a purple hue, changing later to green.
Image D source code Ivory Halo dogwood
Two-toned, variegated leaves of Ivory Halo dogwood.
Image Gourds
Image Oxalis
Image Oxalis
Image PNG image Spring Fever Garden Forum
Image chemical/x-molconn-Z Circle-slash EAB
Graphic depicting emerald ash borer (EAB) with a circle-slash.
Image EAB larva and gallery.
EAB larva and gallery.
Image Troff document EAB - Firewood Alert
Firewood Alert - flier developed by ND Forest Service. Urging all campers and others, "Don't move firewood", and "Burn it where you buy it."
Image chemical/x-ncbi-asn1-binary Ash - not EAB - needs removal
A structurally unsound ash tree in Fargo, that should be removed. Given its location, it will be expensive to remove.
Image ND Tree Selector - Front page
ND Tree Selector.
Image ND Tree Selector - Front page (2)
ND Tree Selector
Image Insecticide options for protecting trees from Emerald Ash Borer, 2nd edition
Updated version, June 2014
Image Ash anthracnose
ash anthracnose. Notice the dead leaflet margins, and the curved growth of the leaflet(s).
Image Iron chlorosis 1
Autumn Blaze maple, NDSU, iron chlorosis
Image Iron chlorosis 2
Autumn Blaze maple, iron chlorosis, close-up of leaf, NDSU campus
Image Ponderosa pine - fall color
Ponderosa pine tree (background) that is showing normal fall needle drop. Colorado blue spruce (foreground) is not shedding needles in this photo.
Image Fall colors - NDSU 2013
Includes a two-toned white ash as the focal point.
Image White ash - NDSU 2013
Image fireblight-1
fireblight, crabapple, Valley City
Image fireblight canker margin
fireblight, canker, margin, crabapple, Valley City
Image JPEG image 'Karl Foerster' feather reed grass
'Karl Foerster' feather reed grass
Image JPEG image Hot Wings® tatarian maple
Hot Wings® tatarian maple
Image JPEG image Hot Wings® tatarian maple
Hot Wings® tatarian maple
Image JPEG image monarch on milkweed
monarch on milkweed
Image JPEG image elm
Image JPEG image Healthy soil
Healthy soil
Image JPEG image Autumn Charm™ sedum
Autumn Charm™ sedum
Image JPEG image Bee on aster
Bee on aster
Image JPEG image First Editions® Cool Splash® diervilla
First Editions® Cool Splash® diervilla
Image JPEG image Kodiak™ Orange diervilla
Kodiak™ Orange diervilla
Image JPEG image Boxelder bugs
Boxelder bugs swarming
Image JPEG image Williston High School FFA Pink Pumpkin Project
Williston High School FFA Pink Pumpkin Project
Image JPEG image Forcing tulips
Forcing tulips
Image JPEG image Blue raspberry
Blue raspberry
Image JPEG image Bullhorn peppers
'Carmen' and 'Escamillo' peppers
Image JPEG image Japanese beetle trap
Japanese beetle trap and close-up of beetle
Image JPEG image Girl planting perennial
Girl planting perennial
Image JPEG image Bee on flower
Bee on flower
Image JPEG image Sedum
Image JPEG image Sprout
Image JPEG image Rudbeckia
Image GIF image Publication icon
Publication icon
Image JPEG image Cut sunflowers
Cut sunflowers
Image JPEG image Coneflower
Image GIF image Junior Master Gardener logo
Image JPEG image ND Junior Master Gardener logo
ND Junior Master Gardener logo
Image GIF image NDSU Extension logo
NDSU Extension logo
Image JPEG image NDSU Extension Service logo
NDSU Extension Service logo
Image GIF image Facebook logo
Facebook logo
Image JPEG image Facebook logo-jpg
Facebook logo-jpg
Image JPEG image Monarch butterfly
Monarch butterfly on milkweed
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