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Homemade Apple CiderMug of apple cider

Grow and blend your own cider (sweet or hard). It’s one of the most popular trends in fruit growing today. Cider trees can be ordered now for 2019. There is a shortage of cider apples in the USA and many cultivars of cider trees will be sold out before spring. Here’s how to get started.  
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Lost and Found: Heirloom Apples 'Duchess of Oldenburg' apples

Crisp, juicy apples have been enjoyed by families in America and Europe for centuries. Thousands of varieties have been grown over this time but only a few are sold at grocery stores today. Modern varieties are attractive and have a mild flavor that pleases the masses. That’s great, but we are missing the bold flavors of yesterday.
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Growing "Blueberries" in North Dakota


Blueberries struggle in our alkaline soils and cold winters. Grow Canadian haskaps instead. These blue-fruited honeysuckles thrive in North Dakota and are delicious.
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Spotted Wing Drosophila

Integrated Pest Management of Spotted Wing Drosophila

Spotted wing drosophila has become a major pest of soft-skinned fruits (raspberries, cherries and strawberries) in North Dakota. The small fly lays its eggs into fruits. The larvae feed inside the fruits causing spoilage. Learn how to identify and manage this pest.  
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Growing Grapes in North DakotaBlue grapes

This publication guides home gardeners through the process of choosing an optimal site for planting, selecting hardy cultivars, and training and pruning the vines. In addition, this guide provides information on managing disease and insects that are common to North Dakota.
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apples on treeTree Fruits Culture and Cultivars

Growing your own fruit can be fascinating and fun. Many types of fruit trees, including apple, pear, plum and cherry, can grow in North Dakota. This publication describes provides an overview of cultural practices and describes cultivars recommended for North Dakota.
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RaspberriesRefreshing Raspberries for Home Grown Goodness

Raspberries are high in fiber, vitamin C, and contain more calcium than any other temperate fruit. This publication offers information on varieties, planting, pest and weed controls, pruning, and winter protection.
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StrawberiesKeeping Fruits and Vegetables Fresh and Safe from Plant to Palate

Fruits and vegetables are nutritious parts of the diet, but you need to take some food safety precautions. Contaminated foods have been linked with illness outbreaks.
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AroniaZirconia Aronia: Is This Sparkle Real?

Acres of aronia are being planted in North Dakota. This shrub is called a superfruit---but is it?
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Red currantsCool Fruits for a Cool Climate

We will introduce you to a fascinating array of hardy fruits: Juneberry, haskap, bush cherry, chokeberry, currant, and more.
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