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Non Adapted Woody Plants

Woody plants which are not recommended for planting. These plants would often fail to survive. This list in no way precludes future introductions within these species that may prove to be adapted.

Abelia - Abelia species and cultivars

Almond, Dwarf Flowering - Prunus grandulosa and cultivars, e.g., `Alba', `Alboplena', `Rosea', and `Sinensis'

Apple - Malus cultivars, e.g. `Braeburn', `Fuji', `Gala', `Golden Delicious', `Granny Smith', `Jonathon', `Red Delicious', `Rome Beauty', ‘Winesap’ and ‘Yellow Delicious’. Several have fruited in North Dakota when topworked on hardy trees but scion cultivar grafts kill in test winters.

Aralia - Aralia species and cultivars

Aralia, Fiveleaf - Acanthopanax sieboldianus

Arborvitae, Emerald - Thuja occidentalis `Smaragd’

Arborvitae, Giant or Western - Thuja plicata and cultivars

Arborvitae, Oriental - Platycladus orientalis and cultivars

Ash, Cimmaron - Fraxinus pennsylvanica ‘Cimmzam’

Ash, Emerald - Fraxinus pennsylvanica ‘Emerald’

Ash, European - Fraxinus excelsior and cultivars

Ash, Flowering - Fraxinus ornus

Ash, Honeyshade - Fraxinus pennsylvanica ‘Honeyshade’

Ash, Pumpkin - Fraxinus tomentosa

Azalea (Evergreen types) - Rhododendron species and cultivars (see trial list)

Barberry, Mentor - Berberis X mentorensis

Beautyberry - Callicarpa species and cultivars

Beautybush - Kolkwitzia amabilis and cultivars

Beech - Fagus species and cultivars

Birch, Monarch - Betula maximowicziana

Birch, White-barked Himalayan - Betula jackquemontii

Bluebeard - Caryopteris X clandonensis and cultivars

Boxelder, Variegated - Acer negundo `Varigatum' and `Flamingo'

Boxwood, Common - Buxus sempervirens and cultivars

Buckeye, Bottlebrush - Aesculus parviflora and cultivars

Bushclover, Shrub - Lespedeza bicolor and cultivars

Butterfly Bush - Buddleia species and cultivars (advertised in this area)

Buttonbush - Cephalanthus occidentalis

Cape Myrtle - Lagerstromia species and cultivars

Cedar - Cedrus species and cultivars

Cherry, Afterglow - Prunus X yedoensis ‘Afterglow’

Cherry, Oriental or Japanese Flowering - Prunus serrulata and cultivars

Cherry, Sweet - Prunus avium and cultivars, `Bing',` Royal Anne', and `Black Tatarian'

Chestnut - Castanea species

Contorted Hazel or Walking Stick - Corylus avellana `Contorta'

Coralberry, Chenault - Symphoricarpos X chenaultii

Cotoneaster, Bearberry - Cotoneaster dammeri and cultivars

Cotoneaster, Creeping - Cotoneaster adpressus and cultivars

Cotoneaster, Rock - Cotoneaster horizontalis & cultivars

Cotoneaster, Spreading - Cotoneaster divaricata

Crabapple, American Masterpiece - Malus ‘Amaszam’

Crabapple, Cardinal - Malus ‘Cardinal’

Crabapple, Parkman - Malus halliana `Parkmanii'

Crabapple, Sargent - Malus sargentii and cultivars

Crabapple, Tschonoski - Malus tschonoskii

Crabapple, Veitch - Malus yunnanensis var. veitchii

Crape-myrtle - Lagerstroemia species and cultivars

Cypress, Bald - Taxodium distichum

Deutzia - Deutzia species and cultivars (advertised in this area)

Dogwood, Cornelian Cherry - Cornus mas and cultivars

Dogwood, Flowering - Cornus florida (advertised in this area)

Dogwood, Kousa - Cornus kousa and cultivars

Dogwood, Winter Flame - Cornus sanguinea ‘Winter Flame’

Elm, Camperdown - Ulmus glabra ‘Camperdown’

Elm, Chinese - Ulmus parvifolia and cultivars (don't confused with Ulmus pumila, Siberian Elm)

Elm, Dutch - Ulmus X hollandica and cultivars

Elm, Frontier - Ulmus x `Frontier'

Elm, Homestead - Ulmus x `Pioneer'

Elm, Smoothleaf - Ulmus carpinifolia and cultivars

Elm, Urban - Ulmus x `Urban'

Elm, Wilson - Ulmus wilsoniana and cultivars

English Ivy - Hedera helix and cultivars (houseplant)

Euonymus, Spreading - Euonymus kiautschovicus

False Cypress - Chamaecyparis species and cultivars

Fir, Fraser - Abies fraseri and cultivars

Fir, Noble - Abies procera and cultivars

Firethorn - Pyracantha species and cultivars

Forsythia, Greenstem - Forsythia viridissima and cultivars

Forsythia, Weeping - Forsythia suspensa and cultivars

Fothergilla - Fothergilla gardenii and cultivars

Fringe-tree - Chionanthus and cultivars

Goldenrain-tree - Koelreuteria paniculata

Goldenchain Tree - Laburnum species and cultivars

Hackberry, Sugar - Celtis laevigata

Hawthorn, English - Crataegus laevigata and cultivars (syn. C. oxyacantha)

Hawthorn, Washington - Crataegus phaenopyrum

Hazel (Filbert), European - Corylus avellana and cultivars including `Contorta' (Contorted Hazelnut or Walking Stick)

Hibiscus - Hibiscus syriacus and cultivars

Hickory and Pecan - Carya species

Holly - Ilex species and cultivars (Ilex verticillata, Winterberry is a deciduous holly native in limited areas of Minnesota)

Hornbeam, European - Carpinus betulus and cultivars

Horse-chestnut, Common - Aesculus hippocastanum and cultivars (often confused with A. glabra, Ohio Buckeye, which is hardy)

Horse-chestnut, Red - Aesculus X carnea and cultivars

Houttuynia, Chameleon - Houttuynia cordata ‘Chameleon’

Hydrangea, Climbing - Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris

Hydrangea, Oakleaf- Hydrangea quercifolia and cultivars

Jasmine - Jasminum species (may be sold as a houseplant)

Juniper, Shore - Juniperus conferta and cultivars

Juniper, Singleseed - Juniperus squamata and cultivars (`Blue Star’ seems to be hardy)

Juniper, Spiny Creek - Juniperus chinensis `Stricta' (syn. J. excelsa 'Stricta')

Juniper, Tripartita - Juniperus virginiana `Tripartita'

Linden, Pendant Silver - Tilia petiolaris

Linden, Silver - Tilia tomentosa

Katsura Tree - Cercidiphyllum japonicum

Kerria, Japanese - Kerria japonica and cultivars

Magnolia - Magnolia species and cultivars

Maple, Hedge - Acer campestre

Maple, Japanese - Acer palmatum and cultivars

Maple, Paperbark - Acer griseum

Maple, Three Flowered - Acer triflorum

Mulberry, Fruitless Weeping - Morus alba ‘Chaparral’

Oak, Black - Quercus velutina

Osage-Orange - Maclura pomifera

Pagodatree, Japanese - Sophora japonica and cultivars

Parrotia, Persian - Parrotia persica

Paulownia, Royal - Paulownia tomentosa

Peach - Prunus persica and cultivars, e.g., `Reliance' and `Elberta'

Pear - Pyrus cultivars, e.g., `Bartlett',` Kieffer'

Pear, Callery - Pyrus calleryana and cultivars

Persimmon - Diospyros species and cultivars

Planetree, London - Platanus x acerifolia and cultivars

Planetree, Oriental - Platanus orientalis

Plum, Newport - Prunus cerasifera ‘Newport’ (hardiest purple leafed cultivar in this species)

Porcelain Berry - Ampelopsis brevipedunculata and cultivars

Privet - Ligustrum species and cultivars, e.g., `Amoor River'

Quince, Flowering - Chaenomeles species

Redbud - Cercis species and cultivars (Minnesota strain is a bit hardier than the species)

Redwood, Dawn - Metasequoia glyptostroboides and cultivars

Rhodendron - Rhododendron species and cultivars (see trial plant list)

Rose, Multiflora - Rosa multiflora

Rose of Sharon (Shrub Althea) - Hibiscus syriacus and cultivars (commonly advertised in this area)

Silverbell, Carolina - Halesia carolina

Silver Lace Vine - Polygonum aubertii

Snowball, Fragrant - Viburnum X carlcephalum

Snowball, Japanese - Viburnum plicatum and cultivars

Spicebush - Lindera benzoin

Spirea, White Lace - Spiraea decumbens

St. Johnswort, Golden - Hypericum frondosum and cultivar `Sunburst'

Sumac, Shining - Rhus copallina

Sweetbush - Calycanthus floridus

Sweet Gum - Liquidambar styraciflua and cultivars

Sweetspire, Virginia - Itea virginica and cultivars

Tree of Heaven - Ailanthus altissima and cultivars

Tulip-Tree - Liriodendron tulipifera and cultivars

Viburnum, Alleghany - Viburnum X rhytidophylloides ‘Alleghany’

Viburnum, Birkwood - Virburnum X burkwoodii and cultivars

Viburnum, Blackhaw - Viburnum prunifolium

Viburnum, Doublefile - Viburnum plicatum and cultivars

Viburnum, Judd - Viburnum X juddi

Viburnum, Koreanspice - Viburnum carlesii and cultivars

Viburnum, Linden - Viburnum dilatatum and cultivars

Walnut, Carpathian - Juglans regia `Carpathian'

Walnut, English - Juglans regina

Witherod, Smooth - Viburnum nudum and cultivars

Yellowwood, American - Cladrastis kentukea

Yew, English - Taxus baccata and cultivars

Zelkova - Zelkova species and cultivars

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