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Cucumber Diseases

Are the vines on your cucumber plants wilting and dying, even though you've given the plants plenty of water? They may be infected by Bacterial Wilt. This disease is caused by a bacteria that plugs up the water conducting tissues in the plants and is carried and spread by the cucumber beetle. The only method of prevention is to control the beetle before they feed on your plants. Once the plants have been infected with the bacteria, the plant will eventually wilt and die. Cucumbers are the common victim of Bacterial Wilt but melons, squash, pumpkins, and gourds can also be infected with the disease.

Anthracnose is another common cucumber disease which occurs during wet warm weather or when the cucumbers are sprinkled in the evening. Symptoms include round water soaked spots on the leaves which turn brown and become somewhat sunken. The disease is spread by splashing rain or by moving through your cucumbers when the leaves are wet. Controlling Anthracnose is difficult once the disease is serious.

Angular leaf spot is a bacterial disease which causes square to rectangular shaped water spots to develop on the leaves. Later the spots turn brown, dry up, and develop ragged tears in the center. The bacterial over winters on diseases cucumber refuse in the field or cucumber seed. Crop rotation, clean seed, and using copper fungicide during warm wet weather is recommended for control.

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