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Special Purposes & Sites

Drought Tolerant

Big Bluestem Blue Fescues Indian Grass
Little Bluestem Blue Oat Grass Feather Reed Grass
Sideoats Grama Switch Grass

Tolerant of Moist Conditions

Giant Miscanthus Ribbon Grass Silver Grasses
Switch Grass

Invasive Rhizomes/ Good Erosion Control

Chinese (Amur) Silver Grass Blue Lyme Grass Ribbon Grass

Tolerate Partial Shade

Variegated Bulbous Oat Grass

Ribbon Grass

Colored Foliage

Blue Fescues (gray-blue to blue)

Sioux Blue Indian Grass (blue)

Blue Lyme Grass (blue)

Blue Oat Grass (gray-blue)

Heavy Metal Switchgrass (gray-blue)

Prairie Sky Switchgrass (blue)

Variegated Foliage

Variegated Japanese Silver Grass
(white striped)

Variegated Purple Moorgrass
(white striped)

Variegated Bulbous Oat Grass
(white striped)

Porcupine Grass
(yellow streaked)

Overdam Feather Reed Grass
(white striped)

Ribbon Grass
 (white striped or pink and white striped)

Siberian (Silver) Spike Grass
(white striped)

Zebra Grass
 (yellow streaked)

Fall Color

Big Bluestem (light red)

Fountain Grass (yellow to tan)

Indian Grass (tan to orange)

Little Bluestem (reddish orange)

Silver Grasses (tan to orange)

Purple Moorgrasses (yellow)

Feather Reed Grass (tan)

Sideoats Grama (bronze-red)

Siberian (Silver) Spikegrass (bronze)

Switchgrass (tan)

Many of the Switchgrass cultivars (red-bronze)

Todd Weinmann, Extension Horticulturist & Master Gardener Coordinator
Phone: (701) 241-5707

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