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Ornamental Grass Culture


1. Site selection

   -most like good sun and fair to good drainage
   -larger grasses are generally more tolerant of poorly drained soils

2. Planting

   -spring is the best time to plant
   -If container grown, can be planted in fall with good winter protection
   -general rule of thumb is to space plants equal to the mature height.

3. Watering

   -established plants rarely need supplemental watering; only in extreme drought
   -leaf edges roll inward in response to drought stress; use as a drought indicator

4. Fertilizing

   -low nutrient requirements
   -high nutrient levels may cause an abundance of soft growth and stems to flop over.

5. Staking

   -larger grasses may need staking due to excess moisture, excess fertilizer or too much shade

6. Cutting Back

   -early spring before new growth starts

7. Transplanting/Dividing

   -spring is the best time to transplant or divide
   -some open in the center with age; divide
   -each division should have at least 5 stems

8. Insects & Diseases

   -very few problems
   -leaf diseases can be a problem in wet seasons; space further apart to allow for more air movement.

Todd Weinmann, Extension Horticulturist & Master Gardener Coordinator
Phone: (701) 241-5707

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