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The following trials are offered in 2015. Seeds are untreated unless noted (marked with a "T" in the trial number). We will not test GMO varieties. Descriptions of all varieties are available in our catalog.


1T. Bean, Green Bush (Bowie, Sybaris)
2. Bean, Green Filet Bush (Crockett, Serengeti)
3. Bean, Green Pole (Cobra, Stringless Blue Lake S-7)

4. Beet, Golden (Boldor, Touchstone Gold)

5. Carrot, Chantenay (Cumbre, Hercules)
6. Carrot, Nantes (Goldfinger, Nelson)

7T. Corn, Bicolor Sugary Enhanced (se) (Temptation, Trinity)
8T. Corn Bicolor Synergistic (syn) (Allure, Cuppa Joe)
9T. Corn, Bicolor Super Sweet (sh2) (XTH20173, Xtra-Tender 274A)
10T. Corn, White Super Sweet (sh2) (SSW 2001MR, XTH3674)
11T. Corn, Yellow Super Sweet (sh2) (Vision XMR, XTH1273)

12. Cucumber, Burpless (Sweeter Yet, Tasty Green)
13. Cucumber, Pickling (Homemade Pickles, Sassy)
14T. Cucumber, Slicing (Raider, Talladega)
15. Cucumber, Snack (Mercury, Muncher)

16. Greens, Looseleaf Chinese Cabbage (Maruba Santoh, Tokyo Bekana)

17. Kale, Red (Red Frills, Red Russian)
18. Kale, White (Siberian, White Russian)

19. Lettuce, Green Leaf (Green Star, Tropicana)
20. Lettuce, Red Oakleaf (Danyelle, Mascara)
21. Lettuce, Green Mini-Romaine (Dragoon, Starhawk)

22. Melon, Cantaloupe (Aphrodite, Athena)
23T. Melon, Specialty Cantaloupe (Origami, Wrangler)
24. Melon, Galia (Arava, Sigel)

25. Pea, Shelling (Lincoln, Mr. Big)
26T. Pea, Snap (Sugar Ann, Sugar Lace II)
27. Pea, Snow (Oregon Sugar Pod 2, Sweet Horizon)

28. Potato, Golden Early (Yukon Gem, Yukon Gold)
29. Potato, Golden Midseason (Carola, Santina)
30. Potato, Golden Late (German Butterball, Yellow Finn)
31. Potato, Purple (Peter Wilcox, Purple Viking)
32. Potato, Red (Chieftain, Dark Red Norland)

33. Pumpkin, Big (Early Dakota Howden, Howden XXX)
34. Pumpkin, Bigger (Captain Jack, Howden Biggie)
35T. Pumpkin, Biggest (Big Moose, Prizewinner)

36. Spinach, Savoy Leaf (SV2157VB,Tyee)
37. Spinach, Smooth Leaf (Olympia, SV3580VC)

38. Squash, Straightneck Summer (Multipik, Zephyr)
39. Squash, Zucchini Summer (Noche, Raven)

40. Swiss Chard, Orange (Orange Fantasia, Oriole)

41T. Watermelon, Red (Shiny Boy, Sweet Dakota Rose)



42. Basil, Italian (Dolly, Genovese)

43. Cilantro (Calypso, Santo)

44. Dill, Leafy (Diana, Hera)



45. Bean, Scarlet Runner (Saint George, Scarlet Runner)

46. Cosmos, Striped (Cosimo Purple Red-White, Picotee)
47. Cosmos, Sulphur (Diablo, Tango)

48. Sunflower, Orange Cutting (Sunrich Orange Summer, Vincent’s Choice)
49. Sunflower, Bicolor Dwarf (Firecracker, Rio Carnival)

50. Zinnia, Speckled (Peppermint Stick, Salsiando Mix)

51. Gladiolus, Blue (Blue Sky, Land O’ Lakes)
52. Gladiolus, Orange (Olympic Flame, Sun Kissed)
53. Gladiolus, Pink (Chit Chat, Pink Event)
54. Gladiolus, Plum (Plum Tart, Sugar Plum)
55. Gladiolus, Purple (Purple Flora, Violetta)
56. Gladiolus, Red (Flora Red, Oscar)
57. Gladiolus, Rose (Priscilla, Wine and Roses)
58. Gladiolus, White (Alaska, White Prosperity)
59. Gladiolus, Yellow (Bananarama, Nova Lux)
60. Gladiolus, Yellow/Orange (Fiesta, Jester).

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