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How to Submit Evaluation Forms

Guidelines for Completing Forms

Forms should be submitted when the trial is completed. All forms should be submitted soon after the first frost.

Please remember that BAD information is worse than NO information. If you cannot complete the trial for any reason (hail, drought, or lost interest), it's okay. Just let me know and we will try again next year. If the vines of the varieties got mixed up or your children moved the plot labels, it is okay. Just let me know. These things happen.

If you are not sure about a question on the evaluation form, leave it blank. For example, if you do not remember which zinnia variety bloomed first, don't guess. Just leave this question blank. Again, erroneous information is worse than no information.

Here is an example of a completed form. The most critical information are: 1) which of the two varieties you prefer; and 2) which of the varieties you recommend to other gardeners in our state.

In case you want some background on the varieties you evaluated, descriptions of varieties are in our Spring 2020 Catalog.


Submitting Forms

Trial results may be submitted on paper or online.


Paper forms were provided when you received your seeds. If you need a new form, download it here. These forms are in Microsoft Word format. Once completed, forms can be mailed to:
Home Garden Variety Trials
Attn: Tom Kalb
2718 Gateway Avenue, Suite 304
Bismarck, ND  58503

This address is listed on the bottom of each form for your convenience.

To save on postage, you can scan paper forms and e-mail them to tom.kalb@ndsu.edu.


Research information can be submitted online. Forms are available here. Click on the link and the form will appear. Fill out the form and push the submit button. It's easy!


Thank you!

Thank you for your service to gardeners across our state!  If you have any questions, please contact Tom Kalb

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