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Evaluation Forms

Evaluation forms may be submitted on paper or online. Gardeners may have received paper forms with their seeds, but new paper forms may be downloaded below. Many gardeners prepare their data on paper forms and submit them online to save postage costs.


Paper and Online Forms

No. Trial Paper Form Online Form
1.  BEAN, Green Snap (Annihilator, Bush Blue Lake 274) Paper 1 Online 1
OG2. BEAN, Green Snap (Antigua, Jade Paper 2 Online 2
3.  BEAN, Green Pole (Fortex, Monte Cristo) Paper 3 Online 3
OG4. BEAN, Yellow Snap (Gold Rush, Rocdor) Paper 4 Online 4
OG5. BEAN, Dry (Calypso, Jacob’s Cattle) Paper 5 Online 5
6. BEAN, Lima (Fordhook 242, Henderson) Paper 6 Online 6
OG7. BEET, Gold (Burpee’s Golden, Touchstone Gold) Paper 7 Online 7
8. BEET, Red (Eagle, Merlin) Paper 8 Online 8
OG9. BEET, Red (Early Wonder Tall Top, Sweet Dakota Bliss) Paper 9 Online 9
OG10. CARROT, Chantenay (Cupar, Red-Cored Chantenay Paper 10 Online 10
11.  CARROT, Imperator (Candysnax, Imperator 58 Paper 11 Online 11
12.  CARROT, Early Nantes (Goldfinger, Ingot) Paper 12 Online 12
OG13. CARROT, Early Nantes (Naval, Yaya) Paper 13 Online 13
OG14. CARROT, Heavy Nantes (Bangor, Negovia) Paper 14 Online 14
15.  CORN, Early Sweet (Cuppa Joe, Sweetness) Paper 15 Online 15
16.  CORN, Early Super Sweet (Anthem XR, Signature Paper 16 Online 16
OG17. CORN, Super Sweet (Enchanted, Natural Sweet) Paper 17 Online 17
18.  CUCUMBER, Burpless (Summer Dance, Tasty Green) Paper 18 Online 18
OG19. CUCUMBER, Pickling (Calypso, Cool Customer) Paper 19 Online 19
20.  CUCUMBER, Slicing (Raceway, Talladega) Paper 20 Online 20
21.  CUCUMBER, Snack (Green Finger, Muncher) Paper 21 Online 21
OG22.  KALE, Siberian (Red Russian, Red Ursa) Paper 22 Online 22
OG23.  KALE, Tuscan (Dazzling Blue, Lacinato) Paper 23 Online 23
OG24. LETTUCE, Green Batavia (Anuenue, Muir) Paper 24 Online 24
25. LETTUCE, Red Butterhead (Alkindus, Cervanek) Paper 25 Online 25
OG26. LETTUCE, Red Eazyleaf (Brentwood, Burgandy) Paper 26 Online 26
OG27. LETTUCE, Green Romaine (Dragoon, Newham) Paper 27 Online 27
28. MELON, Cantaloupe (Athena, Burpee Hybrid) Paper 28 Online 28
29. MELON, Galia (Arava, Courier) Paper 29 Online 29
30. MELON, Honeydew (Earli-Dew, Honeycomb) Paper 30 Online 30
OG31. PEA, Shell (Green Arrow, PLS 595) Paper 31 Online 31
32. PEA, Snap (Sugar Ann, Sugar Sprint) Paper 32 Online 32
33. PEA, Snow (Golden Sweet, Mammoth Melting) Paper 33 Online 33
OG34. PUMPKIN, Midsize (Bellatrix, Early Dakota Howden) Paper 34 Online 34
OG35. PUMPKIN, Large (Early King, Large Marge) Paper 35 Online 35
36. PUMPKIN, Giant White (New Moon, Polar Bear) Paper 36 Online 36
37. RADISH, Bicolor (Red Head, Sparkler) Paper 37 Online 37
OG38. RADISH, Red (Cherry Belle, Sora) Paper 38 Online 38
39. SPINACH, Semi-Savoy Leaf (Avon, Escalade) Paper 39 Online 39
40. SPINACH, Smooth Leaf (Lizard, Space) Paper 40 Online 40
OG41. SQUASH, Dark Zucchini (Desert, Dunja) Paper 41 Online 41
42. SQUASH, Green Zucchini (Cashflow, Green Machine) Paper 42 Online 42
43. SQUASH, Summer Yellow (Multipik, Slick Pik YS 26) Paper 43 Online 43
44. SQUASH, Acorn (Autumn Delight, Sweet REBA) Paper 44 Online 44
OG45. SQUASH, Delicata (Honey Boat, Zeppelin) Paper 45 Online 45
46. SQUASH, Baby Butternut (Butter Baby, Butterscotch) Paper 46 Online 46
47. SQUASH, Butternut (Autumn Frost, Early Butternut) Paper 47 Online 47
OG48. SWISS CHARD (Five Color Silverbeet, Improved Rainbow) Paper 48 Online 48
OG49. WATERMELON, Red (Crimson Sweet, Sweet Dakota Rose) Paper 49 Online 49
50. WATERMELON, Red Icebox (Cherry Grande, Sugar Baby) Paper 50 Online 50
OG51. WATERMELON, Yellow (Early Moonbeam, Petite Yellow) Paper 51 Online 51
OG52. BASIL (Rutgers Devotion, Prospera) Paper 52 Online 52
OG53. CILANTRO (Leisure, Santo) Paper 53 Online 53
OG54. DILL, Dwarf Leafy (Ella, Greensleeves) Paper 54 Online 54
55. BALSAM (Bush Mix, Camellia Flower Mix) Paper 55 Online 55
56. COSMOS, Red (Rubenza, Sonata Red Shades) Paper 56 Online 56
57. COSMOS, Striped (Picotee, Velouette) Paper 57 Online 57
58. SUNFLOWER, Bicolor (Ruby Eclipse, Strawberry Blonde) Paper 58 Online 58
59. SUNFLOWER, Lemon (Buttercream, Lemon Queen) Paper 59 Online 59
60. SUNFLOWER, Orange (Gold Rush, Soraya) Paper 60 Online 60
61. SUNFLOWER, Peach (Apricot Daisy, Peach Passion) Paper 61 Online 61
62. SUNFLOWER, Red (Moulin Rouge, Red Sun) Paper 62 Online 62
63. ZINNIA, Cactus Mix (Burpeeanna Giants, Cactus Bright Jewel) Paper 63 Online 63
64. ZINNIA, Dahlia Mix (California Giants, State Fair) Paper 64 Online 64
65. ZINNIA, Scarlet Dahlia (Scarlet Flame, Will Rogers) Paper 65 Online 65
66. ZINNIA, Mexican (Old Mexico, Persian Carpet) Paper 66 Online 66
FS1. FALL SUNFLOWER, ProCut® Bicolor Paper FS1 Online FS1
FS2. FALL SUNFLOWER, ProCut® Gold Lite Paper FS2 Online FS2
FS3. FALL SUNFLOWER, ProCut® Horizon Paper FS3 Online FS3
FS4. FALL SUNFLOWER, ProCut® Orange Paper FS4 Online FS4
FS5. FALL SUNFLOWER, ProCut® Plum Paper FS5 Online FS5
FS6. FALL SUNFLOWER, ProCut® Red Paper FS6 Online FS6
FS7. FALL SUNFLOWER, ProCut® White Lite Paper FS7 Online FS7
FS8. FALL SUNFLOWER, ProCut® White Nite Paper FS8 Online FS8
FS9. FALL SUNFLOWER, Big Smile Paper FS9 Online FS9
FS10. FALL SUNFLOWER, Double Dandy Paper FS10 Online FS10
FS11. FALL SUNFLOWER, Orange Hobbit Paper FS11 Online FS11
FS12. FALL SUNFLOWER, Rio Carnival Paper FS12 Online FS12
FS13. FALL SUNFLOWER, Tinies Paper FS13 Online FS13
FP1. ASIAN VEGETABLES, PAC CHOI (Mei Qing Choi) Paper FP1 Online FP1 
FP2. ASIAN VEGETABLES, TATSOI (Tatsoi) Paper FP2 Online FP2 
FP3. ASIAN VEGETABLES, TURNIP (Hakurei) Paper FP3 Online FP3 
FP4. RADISH, BICOLOR ROUND (Red Head) Paper FP4 Online FP4 
FP5. RADISH, BICOLOR LONG (French Breakfast) Paper FP5  Online FP5
FP6. RADISH, MULTICOLOR (Easter Egg) Paper FP6  Online FP6
FP7. RADISH, RED GIANT (German Giant) Paper FP7  Online FP7
FP8. RADISH, RED ROUND (Champion) Paper FP8  Online FP8
FP9. SPINACH, CRINKLY LEAF (Bloomsdale Long Standing) Paper FP9  Online FP9
FP10. SPINACH, SMOOTH LEAF (Olympia) Paper FP10  Online FP10

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