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Evaluation Forms for 2017

File Green Bean
'Bush Blue Lake 274' and 'Inspiration'
File Slim-Pod Green Bean
'Crockett' and 'Pike'
File Microsoft Word Document Purple Bean
'Purple Queen Improved' and 'Royal Burgundy'
File Microsoft Word Document Yellow Bean
'Carson' and 'Gold Rush'
File Microsoft Word Document Green Pole Bean
'Kentucky Blue' and 'Monte Cristo'
File Vegetable Soybean
'Envy' and 'Tohya'
File Troff document Gold Beet
'Boldor' and 'Touchstone Gold'
File Troff document Red Beet
'Merlin' and 'Red Ace'
File Troff document Chantenay Carrot
'Hercules' and 'Royal Chantenay'
File Troff document Early Nantes Carrot
'Goldfinger' and 'Mokum'
File Troff document Mainseason Nantes Carrot
'Bolero' and 'Kuroda'
File Troff document Yellow Carrot
'Chablis Yellow' and 'Solar Yellow'
File Bicolor Sweet Corn
'Ambrosia' and 'Peaches & Cream'
File Bicolor Super Sweet Corn
'Anthem XR' and 'Xtra-Tender 274A'
File Yellow Sweet Corn
'Bodacious' and 'Inferno'
File Early Ornamental Corn
'Fiesta' and 'Painted Mountain'
File Full-Season Ornamental Corn
'Autumn Explosion' and 'Glass Gem'
File Strawberry Corn
'Cherry Berry' and 'Strawberry'
File Burpless Cucumber
'Summer Dance' and 'Sweet Slice'
File Pickling Cucumber
'Homemade Pickles' and 'Regal'
File Slicing Cucumber
'General Lee' and 'Stonewall'
File Snack Cucumber
'Mercury' and 'Muncher'
File White Cucumber
'Martini' and 'Silver Slicer'
File Butterhead Lettuce
'Adriana' and 'Buttercrunch'
File Leaf Lettuce
'Bergam's Green' and 'Tropicana'
File Romaine Lettuce
'Coastal Star' and 'Fusion'
File Summer Crisp Lettuce
'Muir' and 'Nevada'
File Cantaloupe
'Aphrodite' and 'Athena'
File Large Cantaloupe
'El Gordo' and 'Solstice'
File Galia Melon
'Arava' and 'Diplomat'
File audio/x-realaudio Red Okra
'Candle Fire' and 'Carmine Splendor'
File Octet Stream Shell Pea
'Lincoln' and 'Sienna'
File Octet Stream Snap Pea
'Sugar Magnolia' and 'Super Sugar Snap'
File chemical/x-kinemage Small Pumpkin
'Early Scream' and 'Neon'
File chemical/x-kinemage Medium Pumpkin
'Early King' and 'Howden'
File chemical/x-kinemage Large Pumpkin
'Early Giant' and 'Howden Biggie'
File Octet Stream Rutabaga
'Joan' and 'Laurentian'
File Smooth-Leaf Spinach (Spring)
'Olympia' and 'Space'
File text/x-sh Straightneck Summer Squash
'Fortune' and 'Multipik'
File Dark Green Zucchini
'Dunja' and 'Raven'
File Green Zucchini
'Payload' and 'Spineless Perfection'
File chemical/x-mdl-rdfile White Swiss Chard
'Barese' and 'Silverado'
File Red Icebox Watermelon
'Jade Star' and 'Sugar Baby'
File Red Watermelon
'Sangria' and 'Sweet Dakota Rose'
File Yellow Watermelon
'Gold in Gold' and 'Lemon Krush'
File Italian Basil
'Eleonora' and 'Genovese'
File Thai Basil
'Cardinal' and 'Siam Queen'
File object code Cilantro
'Calypso' and 'Cruiser'
File Cosmos
'Cupcakes' and 'Double Click'
File Gold Sunflower
'ProCut Gold' and 'Vincent's Fresh'
File Octet Stream Scarlet Zinnia
'Benary's Giant' and 'Giant Dahlia'
File Mizuna Asian Greens
'Miz America' and 'Red Kingdom'
File Tatsoi Asian Greens
'Koji' and 'Tatsoi'
File text/x-sh Purple Radish
'Amethyst' and 'Bacchus'
File text/x-sh Red Radish
'Rover' and 'Roxanne'
File C header Savoy-Leaf Spinach
'Emperor' and 'Reflect'
File Smooth-Leaf Spinach (Fall)
'Gazelle' and 'Red Kitten'
File Mizuna Asian Greens
'Miz America' and 'Red Kingdom'
File Tatsoi Asian Greens
'Koji' and 'Tatsoi'
File Purple Radish
'Amethyst' and 'Bacchus'
File Red Radish
'Rover' and 'Roxanne'
File C header Savoy-Leaf Fall Spinach
'Emperor' and 'Reflect'
File C header Smooth-Leaf Fall Spinach
'Gazelle' and 'Red Kitten'
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