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2016 Cultivars

The following cultivars will be offered for testing in 2016. Our seed catalog will be published by Tuesday, March 22. Ordering via surface mail and online will be available at that time.


Bean, Green Bush. Bush Blue Lake 274 and Provider.
Bean, Green Bush Filet. Crockett and Serengeti.
Bean, Purple Bush. Purple Queen Improved and Royal Burgundy.
Bean, Green Pole. Fortex and Montecristo.
Bean, Runner Pole. Lady Di and Scarlet Runner.
Bean, Soybean. Envy and Tohya.

Beet, Gold. Boldor and Touchstone Gold.
Beet, Red. Early Wonder Tall Top and Red Ace.
Beet, White. Albino and Avalanche.

Carrot, Chantenay. Caracas and Cumbre.
Carrot, Early Nantes. Goldfinger and Yaya.
Carrot, Main Season Nantes. Bolero and Romance.

Corn, Bicolor. Allure, Ambrosia.
Corn, Bicolor Supersweet. SS2742, XTH20173.
Corn, White. Sugar Pearl, Whiteout.
Corn, Yellow. Bodacious, Jubilee.

Cucumber, Burpless. Summer Dance and Tasty Green.
Cucumber, Pickling. Homemade Pickles and H-19 Little Leaf.
Cucumber, Snack. Mercury and Muncher.
Cucumber, Slicing Green. Dasher II and General Lee.
Cucumber, Slicing White. Salt and Pepper and Silver Slicer.

Lettuce, Green Leaf. Starfighter and Tropicana.
Lettuce, Green Romaine. Fusion and Green Forest.

Melon, Cantaloupe. Athena and Superstar.
Melon, Galia. Arava and Passport.
Melon, Specialty. Lambkin and San Juan.

Okra. Clemson Spineless and Jambalaya.

Pea, Shelling. Lincoln and Saber.
Pea, Snow. Avalanche and Sweet Horizon.

Pumpkin, Giant. Big Max and Big Moose.
Pumpkin, Large. Captain Jack and Howden Biggie.
Pumpkin, Short Vine. Cargo and Magic Lantern.
Pumpkin, Warty. Knucklehead and Warty Goblin.

Spinach, Smooth Leaf. Olympia and Toucan.

Swiss Chard, Pink. Flamingo and Sunset Magenta.
Swiss Chard, Red. Intense and Rhubarb.

Squash, Black Zucchini. Noche and Raven.
Squash, Gray Summer. Bossa Nova and Magda.
Squash, Yellow Summer. Multipik and Zephyr.


We will offer approximately 6 trials of gladiolus.


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