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Food Preservation

What better way to make use of your garden goodies....preserve some to eat later! But it's important to be safe in doing so, so that your canned goods don't become a health hazard. It's important to use recipes that have been research-tested and to follow proper canning procedures. For more information on preserving food safely at home, we invite you to check out these links:

Food Storage Guide

Food Freezing Guide


Elevation in Hettinger County

When canning above 1,000 feet, you must adjust the processing times when using a boiling water bath canner or a pressure canner.  Because water boils at a lower temperature at higher elevations, using the processing times for lower elevations may result in under processed food that is not safe for long term storage.  The elevation in Hettinger County is 2,697 feet above sea level.  Consult the National Center for Home Food Preservation to find altitude adjustments for processing times.

NDSU Extension Service Food Preservation Publications

For all the NDSU Extension Food Preservation information, please visit http://www.ag.ndsu.edu/ndsuag/food-nutrition


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