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March 9

The Extension Connection
By Megan Vig
Spring Fever Gardening Forums will return to Griggs County once again this year. The series occurs on Monday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30, beginning March 19th and concluding April 9th. Live presentations from NDSU will be delivered to host Extension Offices. Free samples of bulbs and seeds will be provided to participants attending at host sites. Interested gardeners may participate online from their homes as well. Registration is required and can be done by visiting http://www.ag.ndsu.edu/springfever/ .
March 19th forums will discuss fruits and vegetables. “Black Currants: Once a Forbidden Fruit” will be presented by Kathy Weiderholt, Fruit Project Manager. Once banned for spreading disease among pines, black currants are gaining popularity for their special flavors and nutritional qualities. “Starting Seeds Indoors” will be presented by Todd Weinmann, Extension Horticulturist. Growing you own transplants will save you money and increase your options of growing special varieties. We’ll cover lighting, media mixes, fertilizers and more. “Controlling Weeds Without Chemicals” will be presented by Greta Gramig, Weed Specialist. Learn organic approaches to controlling weeds. Spend less time weeding and more time enjoying your garden.
March 26th forums will revolve around gardens. “What’s New in the Display Gardens” will be presented by Barb Laschkewitsch, Research Specialist. We will discuss what’s happening in the NDSU Display Gardens and provide an update on new research studies. “Horticulture as Therapy” will be presented by Esther McGinnis, Extension Horticulturist. Working with plants brings mental and health benefits. Explore a new discipline that studies the restorative nature of horticulture. “Growing Ornamental Grasses” will be presented by Alan Zuk, Turf Specialist. Learn how to propagate and maintain popular ornamental grasses in North Dakota.
April 2nd forums will highlight trees. “Small Statured Ornamental Trees” will be presented by Greg Morgenson, Tree Specialist. Discover small trees that brighten landscapes with attractive flowers, leaves and bark. “Elms for North Dakota” will be presented by Joe Zeleznik, Extension Forester. Our state tree is making a comeback. Find out which variety is best for you. “Tough Trees for Tough Sites” will be presented by Todd West, Woody Plant Introductions. Discover which trees can tolerate the harshest environments, including dry, windy, salty, and poorly drained sites.
April 9th forums will cover special topics related to North Dakota. “Invasive Insects to Watch Out For” will be presented by Jan Knodel, Extension Entomologist. Insect pests are invading ND. Learn how to fight back against Japanese beetle, brown marmorated stink bug, emerald ash borer and spotted wing drosophila. “Preventing Diseases in Your Yard” will be presented by Jesse Ostrander, Plant Diagnostician. Did you ever have a sick plant in your yard? Of course! Did you know where is a Plant Clinic in the state that can help you identify and manage these diseases? “Research on High-Value Crops” will be presented by Harlene Hatterman-Valenti, High Value Crops. A summary of research on blackberry, grape, hops, Juneberry and potato over the past five years. We will discuss ongoing projects and look for your ideas on future projects.
If you have any questions on the forums or need help registering, give the Extension Office a call at 797-3312.

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