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July 6

The Extension Connection

By Megan Vig

                Summertime is here and gardens are looking great.  The first crops are starting to be harvested—have you had any fresh snap peas yet?  Start thinking about how you can extend your gardening season into the fall with this week’s article shared from the NDSU Yard and Garden Report on getting ready for fall veggies.

                Many vegetables thrive under the cool temperatures of autumn.  New crops of spinach and lettuce can be sown in late July and early August.  These crops will be ready before the first killing frost strikes.  Turnips, radishes, kohlrabis, beets, and carrots taste better when they ripen in the fall.  The cool nights of autumn increase the sweetness of the vegetables.  The most flavorful carrots and mildest radishes are those that ripen in the fall.

                Kale is one of the healthiest vegetables on earth.  If you want to make your own kale smoothies, sow the seeds now.  You will be drinking healthy smoothies when the snow flies.  Asian greens are definitely worth trying.  Pak choi is easy-to-grow in the fall and produces celery-like stalks.  The stalks are eaten as a snack of used in stir fries.  You will fall in love with tatsoi.  The spoon-shaped leaves are mild and crunchy.

                Baby greens of Swiss chard and “Bull’s Blood” beet will add bright colors to salads.  Chard and beets are relatives of spinach, a favorite veggie for summer sowing.  Add a little zip to your salad by adding some baby cilantro on it.

                Remember, seed can be planted in the summer months too.  It’s just not for the spring time!  The following are recommended planting dates using September 30th as first frost: beets, July 19th; carrots, July 6th; Chinese cabbage, July 25th; Asian greens, July 25th; kale, July 4th; kohlrabi, August 1st; lettuce, July 24th; radish, August 25th; spinach, August 7th; Swiss chard, July 28th; Turnips, July 28th.

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