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Weed Board

Board Members


~Pete Wirtzfield     

Weed Officer

~ Kirby Maus, 872-4111


~Dave Bares     

~Ashley Ueckert

~Robert Schmeling 

~Ger Streitz   


Noxious Weed List

North Dakota’s noxious weed list includes:

  • Absinth Wormwood
  • Canada Thistle
  • Diffuse Knapweed
  • Leafy Spurge
  • Musk Thistle
  • Purple Loosestrife
  • Russian Knapweed
  • Spotted Knapweed
  • Yellow Toad Flax
  • Dalmatian Toad Flax
  • Salt Cedar

Golden Valley County's noxious weed list includes:

  • Houndstongue
  • Common Burdock
  • Black Henbane
  • Hoary Cress
  • Common Mullein

The G.V. Co. Weed board has a cost share program for the control or eradication of weeds within Golden Valley County.  The County will pay for 80% of the herbicides and the landowner pays for 20%.  The only requirements are that you have a commercial or private applicators license for RUP's  and supply the county with a map identifying noxious weed plant, location and size of the infested area.  The county also does participate with the USFS in the control of Leafy Spurge by using bio-control and herbicides.  The county will advertise in the local paper on whom to contact for days of collection and sites and for assistance in applying herbicides.  The county also participates in the new and invasive weed program.  The weeds that we work with are Houndstounge, Black Henbane, Poisonous Hemlock, Spotted Knapweed, Diffuse Knapweed, Russian Knapweed, and Hoary Cress on a cost share of chemical and labor.  The G. V. Co. Weed board encourages landowners and operators to abide by the noxious weed law and encourage the use of the funds available from the county and state to work on controlling noxious weeds for everybody's benefit.  If you want to use the county's cost share programs, please contact Jared Burian.


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