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Parent Education-Topic & Resources


Parent Education – Lesson Topics and Resources

Gearing Up for Kindergarten provides parent education designed to facilitate knowledge of child development, support for school readiness and healthy parenting skills. Copies of the Gearing Up for Kindergarten educational curriculum can be ordered through the NDSU Extension Service at North Dakota State University. Topics and resources addressed in the Parent Education portion of the curriculum are outlined below. 

Lesson Module 1: Kindergarten Orientation and School Readiness

  • This lesson module allows adults to meet and interact with other parents with children in the program and understand how the Gearing Up for Kindergarten program operates. It also addresses guidelines for school readiness and considerations in preparing a child for kindergarten. 

Lesson Module 2: Parenting Styles

  • This lesson module outlines the importance of family environments for child development and explains common parenting styles and their consequences for how children tend to think, feel and act. 

Lesson Module 3: Brain Development in Early Childhood

  • This lesson module highlights the importance of brain development in a child’s early years and provides insight into the role parents can play in a child’s brain development and success. 

Lesson Module 4: Raising a Reader and Early Literacy Skills

  • This lesson module emphasizes the value of reading, practical guidelines for reading, and selection of reading materials for young children. It also provides instruction on key early literacy skills for young children.

Lesson Module 5: Choosing Effective Discipline Techniques

  • This lesson module focuses on recognizing why children test limits, understanding guidance and discipline techniques that are effective and developing skills for positive discipline and guidance.

Lesson Module 6: Media Wise – Children and Media Practices at Home

  • This lesson module addresses family media practices and their influence on child behavior, how to provide children with alternative activities to television and the computer, and other tips for managing media exposure.

Lesson Module 7: Developing Responsibility and Self-Help Skills in Children

  • This lesson module examines the importance of self-help skills in young children (zipping their coat, using the restroom, etc.) and how parents can guide children in developing responsibility and self-help skills.

Lesson Module 8: The Importance of Sleep

  • This lesson module reviews the link between sleep and child misbehavior, identifies factors that interfere with a child’s sleep, and explains how parents can plan and carry out effective strategies to assist a child’s sleep routines.

 Lesson Module 9: Learning Styles and School Readiness

  • This lesson module explains different learning styles in children and provides tips and tools on doing activities with children that fit their learning style and lead toward school readiness.

Lesson Module 10: Understanding Temperament in Young Children

  • This lesson module discusses the meaning of temperament and how it affects child behavior and provides guidance on dealing with specific temperament issues in young children.

Lesson Module 11: Early Math and Literacy Skills

  • This lesson module outlines the value of early math and literacy skills and engages parents in learning new and exciting ways to encourage math skills in their children through everyday activities. 

Lesson Module 12: Social-Emotional Development in Early Childhood

  • This lesson module addresses the topic of social and emotional development in young children and strategies for fostering social and emotional skills.

Lesson Module 13: Nurturance and Prevention Tools in Parenting

  • This lesson module focuses on identifying nurturance and prevention strategies that parents can use in managing conflict , teaching responsibility and using natural and logical consequences with their children.

Lesson Module 14: Child Nutrition and Healthy Eating Habits

  • This lesson module reviews the role that nutrition plays in children’s lives and introduces methods for helping children to develop healthy eating habits.

Lesson Module 15: Child Safety Issues with Young Children

  • This lesson module explores the topic of child safety issues with young children and reviews the issues of bicycle safety, passenger safety, and family emergency plans for specific concerns.

Lesson Module 16: A Parent’s Role in School Success

  • This lesson module outlines the parent’s role in a child’s school success and introduces effective techniques for getting involved as a parent with a child’s education and encouraging success at school.


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