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Your Child's School Responsibilities

When you drop your child off at school, they no longer have mommy or daddy to help them with those everyday tasks, And with your child's teacher having 25 other children to attend to, there is no time to go step-by-step with every student through these everyday tasks. Take a look at these everyday tasks so you can work on them with your child at home and prepare them for their school responsibilities. 

Children's Responsibility

When you are at home there are a few self-help tasks you can practice with your child before sending them off to school:

-Practice tying their shoes. Sit down with your child and go over these steps until your child can do it on their own.

-Practice zipping their coats, backpacks and snow pants. Have patience with them.  This can be a difficult task, so be prepared for this to take time.

-Teach them the proper etiquette when using the bathroom. Flush the toilet. Turn off the light. Wash their hands.

-Practice wearing proper attire. When its cold, they should always put on their coat, mittens, snow pants and boots.

-Go over with them how to pack a backpack. Remembering their homework, bringing a pencil to school and where to place their backpack when they get home from school.


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