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What Kind of a Learner are You?

This is a fun activity to see how you learn. Look these questions over and take a few moments to answer them and find out if you (or your child) is a Visual learner, Auditory learner or Physical learner. 

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When getting direction to change a flat tire, do you....? (child: directions to change their clothes)

a) Remember faces and location, but forget names

b) Listen to directions and then do it

c) Try to change the tire right away by yourself


When you meet someone, do you...? (how do they remember their friends?)

a) Remember faces and the location, but forget names

b) Forget faces, but remember names and what the conversation was about

c) Remember best what you did together


When reading, do you...?

a) Enjoy descriptive scenes and pause to visualize the setting

b) Enjoy dialogue and hear the characters speak

c) Prefer action stories and mostly do not enjoy reading

*How does your child like to read with you?


When your computer breaks down, do you...? (child: toy)

a) Look for pictures and diagrams on how to fix it

b) Call the repair center (or mom and dad) to have someone tell you how to fix it

c) Keep trying to fix it on your own until you get it


When trying to spell a new word, do you...?

a) Try to visualize the word

b) Sound out the word

c) Write down all of the possible ways to spell it to see which feels right


When visiting with someone, do you...? 

a) Dislike listening for too long and use words such as imagine and picture

b) Enjoy listening, but hate to talk and use words such as hear and think

c) Use gestures and words such as feel and touch


If you answered mostly a's, you are a visual learner.

If you answered mostly b's, you are a auditory learner.

If you answered mostly c's, you are a physical learner.


*Ask your child these questions and go help them along to find out what kind of a learner they are!

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