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Top 3 Ways to Handle Your Child's Misbehavior in Public

Have you ever been out in public and your child starts to act up and you have no idea how to stay calm or where to begin with discipline? Read the top 3 ways to handle your child's misbehavior in public for a better insight on side of parenting.
How to Handle Punishment
1. Prevent the problem from starting. Always have toys or snacks to keep your child busy when out in public. They were bored after aisle 2 of the grocery store, so after roaming up and down every other aisle, their attention span is not where you would like it to be. Bring out the toys or play games with them through the aisles. "Who can find the Fruit-Loops first?" or ask the to add up the items to see how much you are spending that day. These tips are sure to keep your children interested and keep out of tantrums in the checkout line.
2. Manage the rules. Explain the rules before entering a store. Where your child should walk and what they can or cannot touch in the store. State the consequences of touching the glass vase or what will happen if they accidentally knock it over. The rules will not be a rule unless you enforce it.
3. When tantrum strike. Never give in. Once you give in, they have you wrapped around their finger. Instead of yelling or screaming at your child to stop, speak in a soft voice. Ignore who is around you and focus on the situation at hand. Leave and find a quite place to talk to calm your child down.
Whenever your child acts with good behavior, praise them. Share kind words with them and that you appreciate their good behavior.
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