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Math Tips for Parents

Gearing Up for Kindergarten focuses on several subjects that prepare children for kindergarten. Try this math activity to prepare your four-year-old's learning. 

Preparing for Kindergarten

As a parent you are the first educator your child has and you are critical to their success in school. Use these ideas with your four-year-old and see their mathematical development and show support through their abilities before they enter kindergarten. 


-Ask your child to guess how many cups of water it will take to fill a pitcher. Then, together, fill a pitcher with water as you talk about the measurements and guess how many cups remain. 

-Make a calendar together and have your child mark off the days until he visits Grandma, or how many days left of summer. You can count in days, weeks and months!

-Look for shapes on signs, buildings, and other objects as you ride in the car together. Talk about similarities and differences among the shapes. 

-Use positional words to ask your child where specific items are: "Look in the bottom drawer," "Find it under the box," or even tell them to, "Put it beside your bed."

-When you set the table, have your child set out the correct number of forks, spoons and plates. Have them place the silverware in the correct dining position next to the table. 


Parents and other family members can work with children to promote early number and math skills through these simple, everyday learning experiences as they go about their daily activities. 

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