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How to Protect Your Children Online

Kids are turning to the Internet for everything these days, shopping, chatting and researching the Internet for homework assignments. As a parent, do you know how safe those websites are? Do you ever think, is there a way to track what your child is looking at online? The answer is Yes! Internet Service Providers (such as Yahoo! and AOL) offer FREE blockers and filter which can track what your child’s online activities.


Content Blocker- Blocks sites with sexually explicit material or limits a child’s search to a predetermined set of sites.

Content Filter-Scans sites and images and blocks those that contain certain words, key phrases or content.

Content Tracker- This software enables you to see which sites your children have visited, in a sense, tracking their path online. This tool also gives young people more freedom to explore the Web, but allows you to verify if they are using the Internet responsibly.


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