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Fun "Clean Up" Game to Play with Children

Do you have troubles getting your children to clean up? Try this fun BINGO "Clean Up" Game!

Cleaning can be a bore to your child, so why not make it fun with a BINGO game?! Everyone enjoys playing BINGO, so why not incorporate the game with cleaning chores?! Motivation to accomplish chores will make your children work harder towards winning the game and cleaning your house!


Here is how to play. Make a grid (*see below), like a BINGO card, and fill in the squares with various chores. Use the center square as the "RELAX" chore (where your child can take a break, get a drink of water or relax for a few minutes in between chores). Write a different chore on different slips of paper and let your children be involved with this part by asking them what chores they can do or what they see mommy and daddy do. Once you have all 24 chores written down, place them in a jar and let your child pull one-by-one and as they are pulled, write each one on the grid sheet. After the child completes each chore to the parents satisfaction, have your child place fun stickers on the square, to show they are complete. Once the child receives a BINGO, either diagonal, straight across or down, reward the child by doing something with them just one-on-one (play ball in the backyard, read a book together or go for a walk together). 

This fun activity will teach your child responsibility while having fun at the same time!

Make Bed Sweep Floor Feed Pet Put on Shirt Carry clothes to dryer
Brush Teeth Listen to Directions Put on Shoes  Wipe up Spills Empty Trash Cans
Brush own Hair Pick up Toys   RELAX Pour own Drink Help Fold Towels
Sort Socks Wipe Table Put clothes away Sort Silverware Clear Table
Help little sister/brother Empty Dishwasher Set Table Help Water Plants Pick up Dirty Clothes

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