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Don't let your child miss this key learning step...

Kindergarten is a crucial time in a child's life, they are learning so much more and becoming aware of their abilities and what they know and understand, but do they know how to read just yet? Don't miss this crucial step, which can often be missed and causing setbacks in a child's education. This step is called phonemic awareness, where every word taught and spoken, has a combination of sounds.Allow your child to sound out a word from their book, then let them get out the words they already know, whether they are big, small, silly or made up words, children need to express their vocals before they can relate to words in a book.


Do this: Practice breaking some spoken words into sounds. “What sounds are in cat?” you might ask your child. “Let’s say the word slowly together. Cat: kuh-a-tuh. Cat.” Don’t even worry about connecting this to the spelling of the word. (That’s another lesson.) After you’ve practiced with a few easy words, try some harder ones like breakfast or window. Again, don’t worry about linking this to a spelling or reading lesson. The important thing is for your child to feel confident in his ability to hear the sounds in words.

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