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5 Ways to Encourage Your Children to Read

Make it a priority to read to your child everyday whether they are 8 months old or 10 years old. When your child is able to read, let them read to you or take turns. Reading is important for many reasons, it increases a child’s knowledge of the world, their vocabulary and our language plus it expands a person’s creativity and imagination. Stay positive when talking to your kids about reading and make it fun for them! Here are 5 ideas to make reading fun for your child.


1. Make a weekly trip to the library and let your child pick out a book that interests them. Help them find books with their favorite author, sport or hobby. Check out your local public library story times, sometimes they’ll have a story and then do a fun activity pertaining to that book.

2. Make a fun area in your home for your child to read in, remembering that good lighting is always important. Find a comfortable chair or bean bag and give them a special blanket and snack to have while reading.

3. Discus books with your children. Talk to them about the fun and interesting stories that you’ve read. Be a good role model when it comes to reading and they will want to follow your example.

4. Take your children to movie versions of children’s books after reading the book. This will give them a good visual of what they just read. Discuss the two different versions on the way home. Did you imagine the main character to look the way he did? What was in the movie that wasn’t in the book (vice versa)? Which one did you prefer (your imagination or the movie?)

4. Visit websites of their favorite author or illustrator. For example, Jan Brett has many free print out activities that go along with her books. You can find them here!

5. Once a week cook together using a children’s cookbook. Reading aloud and following directions are great for kids development and cooking is a wonderful life skill to learn! They will learn different kinds of vegetables, fruits and what mixes well together.

Reading develops the imagination, expands the vocabulary, helps us to discover new things, improves our spelling, and so on, so why wouldn’t you want to encourage your child to read! I think we can all conclude that reading is a vital skill. Make it fun and learn new things with your child. You might be surprised at what you learn along with them!


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