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5 Steps on How to Read to Your Child

Reading to your child can be a challenge for any parent or guardian who has never read to a child before. Understand that it will take a lot of patience to teach your child to sit through a book, listen to the descriptive words and comprehend the meaning of each story. It is okay to be frustrated at first, but if you follow these 5 steps on how to read to your child, story time will go much smoother.   

Mom and Child Reading


1. Understand the book by reading it on your own, before you read it to your child. This will help your storytelling abilities knowing what the characters are doing on the next page.

2. Always keep the book in front of your child. They want to see everything you can see and possibly touch the words or pictures too! This will engage them into the story and keep their interest levels high.

3. You are going to be asked several questions on each page, so be prepared to answer every question :)

4. Read slowly. As you are answering several questions, allow that time in between questions for another question and answer. Help your child understand the plot, characters and story line of the book.

5. Show your child their books are valuable by placing them on a specific shelf or in a sacred box. Your child might find more interest in reading, knowing their books have a special place to rest.

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