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5 Activities to do without the Television!

Find out the top 5 activities to do with your child that doesn't involve the Television!

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Turn the TV off. Hide the remote. And find something educational for your child to do. These 5 activities are sure to keep your child entertained and willing to participate.


1. Play in the backyard

     There are several adventurous findings in anyone's backyard. Throw on your snowsuit and start having fun with your children. Pile up the snow and make snow forts or snowmen. Even have them play follow the leader in your snow tracks. These are fun activities to keep your child moving and in the fresh air.

2. Bake

     There is nothing like the smell of chocolate chip cookies in the oven. Teach your child the differences between 1/2 cup and 1 teaspoon. These mathematical problems will keep their mind going.

3. Do a puzzle

     A child's motor skills strengthen when working on a puzzle. Also, their problem solving and understanding how to work with a team, if putting the pieces together with another individual. This educational activity will help your child when they are back on the school grounds.

4. Go for a drive and see something new

     Excursions are always fun, even for adults. Drive to different neighborhoods and see who can find the house with the red door, or with 5 windows in the front of the house. Find different car colors, the first to see a blue cars gets to decide the direction your vehicle turns, and the next to answer correctly chooses the next direction, and so on.  These fun games will keep your children aware of their environments and excited to communicate with you!

5. Draw a picture

     Give your child a topic and see what they draw. Or allow your child to express themselves by coloring what they feel. This is a great indication as to how and what your child is going through. Are they depressed? Happy? Anxious? Scared? This little activity will go a long ways.


Have fun with these activities and get involved too! The more fun you are having the more fun your child will have!

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