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20 Signs That Your Child is Ready for Kindergarten

Your child is about to enter kindergarten and there are a few things to consider on whether or not your child is prepared. There are a few things to ask yourself if your child is prepared to enter this next milestone in their lives. Go through the list of actions below and check off what your 3 or 4 year old can do or cannot do. 

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As summer begins, start working on these- actions your child cannot perform. If struggles still arise, sign up with Gearing Up for Kindergarten to receive extra guidance and attention with your child. For those children who can perform these actions, continue working with them and build their memory and performance ability. 

Here are the 20 things to consider:

My Child Can

1. Tell first and last name and be able to copy, print and recognize his or her own name

2. Give address and phone number

3. Adjust well to new situations

4. Use scissors to cut paper, glue to paste, pencils and crayons and be able to draw and color recognizable pictures

5. Share feelings and possessions

6. Listen and follow directions

7. Concentrate on a task for at least 10 minutes

8. Retell a story after listening to it

9. Answer simple questions about a short story after it is read

10. Identify some or all letters of the alphabet and recognize some or all letter sounds

11. Make an effort to solve problems before seeking help

12. Recognize likes and differences in pictures, objects and forms

13. Sort objects by groups (largest, smallest, shortest, tallest, etc.) and capable of naming the basic color wheel. 

14. Write with a pencil by copying a square, a circle or a triangle so that its recognizable

15. Ask for help when needed

16. Count to 10 or more and recognize the number symbols

17. Self-reliant with toilet needs

18. Describe meanings of simple words (bird, dog, cup)

19. Dress self (buttons, zippers, Velcro)

20. Play well with others

How many of these actions can your child perform?

Sign up with the nearest Gearing Up for Kindergarten class and strengthen your child's abilities and skills to prepare them for Kindergarten.

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