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11 Fun Activities for When You Hear “I Want to Watch TV”

These days children are spending too much time watching TV or playing video games, so encourage them to do an activity and have fun "outside" of the technology world. Check out these quick ideas for your child to do instead of sitting around watching the TV:

Parent - Child Activities

1. Dance to music –play musical chairs or American Idol

2. Read books – Allow each child to pick out their favorite book and read it to the other kids/parent

3. Write a story – Get creative and give your child a topic and let them explore from there…

4. Paint – This could be a memorabilia for you someday. Make handprints on a canvas or color a flower pot of yours. Kids will enjoy the freedom of being messy!

5. Go to the library – There are endless books, movies and stories told at the library!

6. Put on a play – Be a part of the play and have your child be the director (this could get interesting)

7. Play “I Spy” – Sometimes children are confused on objects, this game will help your children be more descriptive and imaginary

8. Say rhymes – see who can last the longest by rhyming real words

9. Play outside – nothing like a game of tag, red rover red rover, basketball and more…

10. Sing songs – Allow each child to pick their favorite song and have them hum the words to everyone else. Guess which song your child is trying to sing. (You could also have your child act out the song and you guess)

11. Make a fort – Kids love hiding and playing in their own “forts” get some popcorn and tell stories in the fort


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