Food Law


Production Agriculture Sector

These pages discuss issues relating to the production agriculture sector and the role of producers in helping reduce the risk of unsafe food arising during production of the ag commodity (even though the issue may not become apparent until the food has passed through the food system and been consumed).
Market forces -- Good Agricultural Practices
Food processors and retailers recognize that they can reduce the risk of unsafe food through careful oversight of their activities and by taking steps to assure the products they acquire have been produced and handled so to minimize the risk of food safety concerns. Accordingly, agricultural producers are being required by their buyers to provide documentation about their production practices as part of the sales transactions. Producers who are unable to provide these assurances to their buyers may find that they will have less opportunity to sell their ag products. These pages introduces some of the market forces shaping practices of the ag production sector.
Gov't Regulation of Prod. Ag.
Despite the increasing market pressures for ag producers to follow production practices that reduce the risk of their commodities being unsafe for food use, state and federal governments are increasingly regulating production agriculture. These pages overview the expanding scope of government regulation of ag production practices.


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