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Where Should Potatoes Be Stored?

My potatoes always seem to spoil or sprout before I use them. I had them in a cabinet under my kitchen sink. Where should I store them?

Warm temperature and moisture can cause potatoes to spoil more quickly. For longer storage, store potatoes in a cool, dark, dry spot away from heat sources such as your stove or dishwasher. Keep them in a paper bag or a bag with small
holes to allow for air circulation.

Always buy the amount of perishable food, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, that you can use in a reasonable time. As you plan your menus, use your perishable foods fi rst. For a variety of potato recipes, visit and type “potato recipes” in the search bar. For longer storage, you can freeze, dry or can many types of fresh produce. See and click on “Food Preservation” for more information.


Julie Garden-Robinson, Food and Nutrition Specialist

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