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Mix Up Your Breakfast Menu

Do you eat breakfast on most days? If you do, you might notice that when you miss breakfast, you feel less energetic.
Mix Up Your Breakfast Menu

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Maybe concentrating on what you are doing gets difficult around midmorning. You might feel the need to rush to the cupboard or vending machine for a snack about 10 a.m.

Some research has linked eating breakfast to helping people manage the total amount of food (and calories) they eat. Sometimes, breakfast skippers eat more later in the day.

Researchers at Cornell University asked people on a national weight registry what they commonly ate for breakfast. They found that people who are at a healthy weight commonly tended to eat fruits and vegetables (51 percent), dairy (41 percent), cold cereal (33 percent), bread (32 percent), eggs (31 percent) or hot cereal (29 percent).

Making breakfast at home is much less expensive, and usually more healthful, than stopping on your way to work at a drive-through window. You can find recipes on our website, (click on "recipes," then "breakfast").

Mix up your breakfast menu now and then with these tasty ideas:

  • Try making scrambled eggs in a mug.
  • How about a waffle sandwich with nut butter? Toast frozen waffles and add your favorite filling.
  • Have a smoothie with milk and fruit. For a protein boost, add some nonfat dry milk.
  • Have a minute? Assemble a breakfast burrito with a flour or corn tortilla, shredded cheese and your favorite salsa. Place in the microwave for about 20 seconds or until cheese melts. If you prefer, add a scrambled egg to boost the protein.
  • Make an apple sandwich. Hollow out an apple and fill with your favorite nut butter, grab a cup of milk and off you go!
  • Make homemade oatmeal in your microwave oven. The recipe is on the box. Add some dried fruit and nuts for flavor and crunch.
  • Make your favorite muffins and freeze individually in small freezer bags. Try muffin recipes with fruit to add nutrition.
  • Try making fruit and yogurt parfaits. Sprinkle with crunch cereal right before serving.
  • For a heartier breakfast, make some pancakes. To save time, mix the dry ingredients for pancakes in the evening. Add the wet ingredients (eggs, buttermilk) in the morning.

Julie Garden-Robinson, Food and Nutrition Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Featured in Food Wise September 2016 newsletter (PDF)

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