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Disaster Victims Need Your Help

Recovering from a disaster such as a flood or tornado can take weeks, months or even years.

“What matters most as people put their lives back together is friends and neighbors being available for each other,” says [insert name and title] of [insert county name]. “When people stop talking with those who have suffered a loss or who are facing financial trouble, they send the message that they don’t care.”

Keeping in touch with those who are victims of a disaster doesn’t mean you have to have the answers to their problems, [insert last name] adds. Just giving people opportunities to talk about their situation and being a good listener can be an important step in their recovery.

Here are other ways you can assist disaster victims:

  • Help them pack if they have to move out of their home.
  • Furnish then with meals.
  • Store their belongings.
  • Give them a place to stay.
  • Offer to spend time with their children.
  • Give them words of support and encouragement.

“Even a friendly arm around someone’s shoulder can be a big help in times of crisis,” [insert last name] says. “Small acts of kindness also mean a lot.”

Support from family members also is very important. Here’s how you can help if someone in your family has experienced a disaster:

  • Be considerate of those family members.
  • Tell family members when they’ve done a good job.
  • Use laughter to help relieve tension.
  • Express love and concern often.
  • Realize that spouses and other family members may cope with disasters differently, so keep talking to each other.

For more information, visit www.ag.ndsu.edu/flood or www.extension.org/Floods.

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