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Sump Pump Questions
For many homeowners the first line of defense against water in the basement is a sump with a pump in it. The sump may be connected to drain tile that drains the footings of the house, under the entire basement, or just the area where the sump is located. Many houses have tiling installed only around a portion of the house. The water that drains into the sump must be removed, and this is accomplished with a sump pump.
Prepare for Flooding in Rural Areas
Dealing with Continuing Basement Seepage
Preparing a Home that will be Flooded
Planning Ahead: Portable Generator Safety
When the power goes out be ready with a portable generator. NDSU Extension Engineer Ken Hellevang walks you through the safety protocols of using a portable generator for emergency power.
Sump Pump Tips
Plugging Home Drains to Prevent Sewage Backup - Video
Sandbagging Safety Tips
Sandbagging for Flood Protection
Build a Sandbag Dike
Avoiding Groundwater Damage to Homes
Preventing Snow Melt Water Problems
Reduce Flooding from Drains
Protect Your Property - Resources from eXtension
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