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Turn Off Electricity

If you have to step in water to get to your electrical box, call an electrician or your power company to do it.
  • If the electrical box is wet, there is potential for electrocution until the main fuses have been pulled.
    • The handle will turn off power to circuits but not the box.
    • Use something that is an electrical insulator, such as a wooden stick or plastic pipe, to pull the fuse box handle to off and pull out the main fuses.
    • Unscrew each circuit fuse.
  • On the breaker box, use the stick to switch off the main breaker switch and each circuit breaker.
    • Use an electrical tester to verify that the electricity is off.
    • Even if the power company has turned off electricity to your area, make sure your house’s power is disconnected so it won’t come back on without warning
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