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Protect Plants from Beavers and Other Wildlife

Beavers and other wildlife can be displaced during floods and cause significant damage to trees and shrubs.
  • Valuable trees and shrubs can be encircled with woven wire or hardware cloth that is at least 3 feet high and at least 10 inches from the trees or shrubs.
  • Fencing for groups of trees should be at least 3 feet high.
    • Use welded wire that is 2 by 4 inches or mesh hardware cloth of ½ inch.
    • Call before you dig.
    • Bury the fencing material 4 inches into the ground and use metal, not wood, posts for holding up the fence.
  • Sometimes people have used electric fences of two strands, with the bottom strand not more than 4 inches above the ground. This is not always possible with water fluctuations, weeds shorting out the fence and fluctuations of electricity.
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