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Feeding a Family on a Thrifty Budget

Some families may be concerned about how they will get healthful meals on the table for their loved ones. You can provide your family with nutritious, tasty and simple meals, even when times are tough.

Feeding a Family on a Thrifty Budget
Financial Wellness for Overscheduled Families

Living a fast-paced life of overscheduled family members can be draining financially. The costs of eatingon the run, sports equipment, instruments, private lessons, special clothes or uniforms, driving to practices, fees for student activities and hotels for out-of-town events all add up in a hurry. Implement these tips to gain more control of your family’s finances.

4 Ways to Use Day-old Bread

Using day-old bread can help you stretch your food dollars. Some bakeries offer day-old bread at discounted prices. You might buy a few loaves because you found a great deal; unfortunately, you might get tired of it before you use all of it. What can you do with it?

6 Tips to Save Money With Unit Pricing

Unit pricing is a term that describes pricing goods to determine what the cost is per unit of measure, such as pounds, ounces or quarts. Finding the unit price of an item allows consumers to find the “best buy” and determine any advantages to buying in bulk or switching brands.

Cost-saving Tips, Menus and Recipes

You may have established a weekly menu and shopping list, but now you need the food. Going to the grocery store to buy food for your family may be something you do not look forward to doing. Decreasing the amount of time and money you spend there may help change that. This is the third in a series of publications to help you eat well but spend less at the grocery store.

Grocery Shopping Tips, Menus and Recipes

Menu planning can help you serve your family healthier meals and it can help you save money at the grocery store. After Planning your menus, the next step is developing a grocery list so you have all the necessary foods for each meal. This is the second in a series of publications to help you eat well but spend less at the grocery store. It includes grocery shopping tips, sample menus and recipes that you can adapt to meet your family's tastes.

Planned-over Food Tips, Menus and Recipes

Planning menus, shopping for foods and using your leftovers wisely can pay off in many ways. Your family can enjoy healthy meals with lots of variety, and you can stretch your budget.

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