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Family Fun at the Dinner Table

Laughter and learning are important in healthy family life, and combining family meals with fun and games is a great way to invite laughter into the home. Mix do-it-yourself food preparation into the equation for extra fun!

Family Fun at the Dinner Table
Designing Space for Family Fun

The key to designing an effective recreation room for your family is determined primarily by the type of activities your family enjoys, your budget and how much space is available. These guidelines are designed to help create a home recreation room/space customized to you and your family needs.

Emotional Wellness for Overscheduled Families (PDF)

Emotional wellness dictates a person’s outlook of life and reflects overall satisfaction and happiness.Tight schedules can lead to negative thoughts and feelings. Commit to being a positive family by valuing your emotional health. Make emotional wellness a priority by following these tips to become a more content person.

5 Steps to Making Your Own Meal in a Bowl

Making your own meal in a bowl is inexpensive and easy. You can make meals from ingredients you probably already have on hand. Think about all the different bowls you can make.You also could set up a buffet with a variety of toppings so people can personalize their meal with layers of flavor.

If Meals Were More Fun (PDF)

Family meals offer a cornucopia of good outcomes for family members, but how can we make it happen? Here are a few key ideas for making meals more fun.

7 Steps to Making a Quesadilla

Create a quesadilla with a variety of colors and flavors for your next family dinner. Have your family pick out their favorite quesadilla fillings with this flexible yet delicious recipe. Choose whole-wheat tortillas with lean protein, low-fat cheese and a variety of veggies to make an easy, fun and nutritious meal.

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