The Family Table


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Eat Better Eat Together

When children eat with families, their overall nutrition and diets improve. Good nutrition boosts their immune system, aids their growth and development and promotes lifelong healthy eating.

Eat Better Eat Together

Enjoying more family meals adds up to better nutrition, stronger family bonds and children who are less likely to participate in risky behavior. Be flexible with meal schedules and locations of your family meals. If evenings are too hectic, would a regular family breakfast work for you?

5 Steps to Building a Healthful Lunch

A well-balanced, home-packed lunch can set you up for success. Eating lunch provides an opportunity to refuel your brain and body after a morning of hard work. Selecting a variety of food groups creates a balanced meal with a healthy supply of different nutrients your body needs to stay focused and avoid that after-lunch slump.

Social Wellness for Overscheduled Families (PDF)

Do you find yourself so caught up in your busy life that you have lost contact with friends and family? Have you found yourself missing good-quality time with your significant other or children? If so, you need to make social relationships a priority in your life. Follow the tips below to re-establish supportive relationships.

7 Steps to Creating a Sandwich

Sandwiches are easy to make and can serve as a quick meal for you or your family any time of day. Choose whole-grain bread, a variety of vegetables, fruit and lean protein to pack your sandwich full of nutrients. Sandwiches are versatile. You can make your sandwich cold, cook just the meat or grill the whole thing.

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