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Family Meals Matter

Among the most lasting and powerful traditions in family life is one that seems to have more influence than almost any other – the family meal. Recalling your favorite family experiences usually leads to thinking of such times as the weekly Sunday meal, family mealtimes during Thanksgiving or other holidays, or a Saturday morning breakfast with Mom or Dad. Why are family meals so powerful? Sharing a family meal provides an experience that touches all of our senses – sight, touch, taste, smell and listening to warm laughter or good conversation. Family meals help provide a regular, consistent opportunity to create a shared experience that is meaningful and offers a sense of belonging to all. Research has shown that regular and meaningful family meals offer a large variety of benefits to children and parents.

Family meals offer the opportunity to connect with each other, communicate about family happenings, and give each other time and attention. While families are encouraged to share meals, not every meal has to be a sit-down dinner extravaganza. The most important thing about family meals is to make them frequent, fun and family-centered. - Read More

Family Mealtime Conversation Starters

We have a new set of conversation starters for reminiscing with questions like:

  • What is the first movie you saw in a theater?
  • What were your parents' careers?
  • What were the most popular toys when you were a young child?

Download the Conversation Starters for Reminiscing Cards (PDF)

Even more conversation starters (PDF)



Family Table 2020 Calendar for January

Download and print the 2020 Monthly Family Meals Calendar to keep track of how well you're doing on your family mealtime goal.

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