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Do Your Joints Ever Feel Rusty?

By juliegardenrobinson from Prairie Fare. Published on May 09, 2019.

A scene from the famous “The Wizard of Oz” movie came to mind the other morning. I wasn’t recalling the yellow brick road or flying monkeys. As I arose for the day, I thought about the first meeting Dorothy and the Scarecrow had with the Tin Man. Unfortunately, in this reminiscence, I was not Dorothy … Continue reading Do Your Joints Ever Feel Rusty?

Snacking at 35,000 Feet

By juliegardenrobinson from Prairie Fare. Published on Apr 23, 2019.

“We have reached a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet. Sit back and enjoy the flight,” the pilot announced. At the time, I was en route to the East Coast. I settled in to read a magazine for the next 2 1/2 hours. Although I have never been able to sleep on planes, I appreciate getting … Continue reading Snacking at 35,000 Feet

Suspicious About Food?

By juliegardenrobinson from Prairie Fare. Published on Apr 08, 2019.

Do you ever find all the nutrition messages you get from various sources a little confusing?  Should you be eating gluten-free, paleo, or on another special diet? Some people definitely need special diets and special foods. Most of us do not. A new campaign to promote healthful eating was launched in mid-March by the U.S. … Continue reading Suspicious About Food?

Think About Your Drink Choices

By juliegardenrobinson from Prairie Fare. Published on Mar 29, 2019.

“Somebody doesn’t want us to have a mocha coffee, I guess,” my husband commented as we left a restaurant empty-handed one day. I had coupons for two free special beverages, and the server had told us the machine was not working. “I can save the coupons. Should we go back and buy some regular coffee?” … Continue reading Think About Your Drink Choices

Use Coupons Wisely

By juliegardenrobinson from Prairie Fare. Published on Mar 22, 2019.

“I found my coupon box!” I exclaimed. I began looking through the coupons in the recipe box. I noted that most had expired, although I found a few gems marked “no expiration date.” I must have fallen off the coupon bandwagon because my coupon-clipping time was shortened by family responsibilities. Instead of name brands, I … Continue reading Use Coupons Wisely

Watch Any Cooking Shows?

By juliegardenrobinson from Prairie Fare. Published on Feb 28, 2019.

“Mom, I’m so tired. I’ve been cooking! I made fudge and cookies,” my pink-cheeked daughter announced as she entered the family room, rubbing her arms. She was six at the time. I looked up from my newspaper hoping the cooking had occurred in her play kitchen and not in our real kitchen. “You have to … Continue reading Watch Any Cooking Shows?

Old Cookbooks Offer Tidbits of Wise Information

By juliegardenrobinson from Prairie Fare. Published on Feb 21, 2019.

One day I decided to consolidate all of my cookbooks into a large set of bookshelves in my dining room. I thought my cookbooks would fit in a couple of shelves. I underestimated the size of my collection. Suddenly, my kids and husband began gathering my “coffee table” cookbooks from the family room and living … Continue reading Old Cookbooks Offer Tidbits of Wise Information

Enjoy Heart-healthy Lentil Soup

By juliegardenrobinson from Prairie Fare. Published on Feb 12, 2019.

“What kind of soup are you making?” I asked one of my students who was testing recipes for a project we are completing. “That’s the red lentil soup,” she replied while stirring the aromatic onions. I noticed some freshly juiced lemon juice in a cup and other ingredients simmering in a pot on the stovetop. … Continue reading Enjoy Heart-healthy Lentil Soup

7 Questions About Heart Health

By juliegardenrobinson from Prairie Fare. Published on Feb 05, 2019.

When I was shopping the other day, I noticed all the Valentine’s Day cards and heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolate candy. February is a time when we express our affection for our friends, family and/or significant others through these thoughtful gestures. We hope the colorful heart-shaped items serve as reminders to consider heart health, too. … Continue reading 7 Questions About Heart Health
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