Children, Families and Finances

The programs listed here provide information about:

  • Available programs to help individuals, families and communities;
  • Guidance on taking a class, using program materials, or purchasing a program;
  • Opportunities to partner in bringing these programs to your community.

Children, Parents and Families

Basic Beginnings logo

Basic Beginnings: A Program for Parenting Young Children Ages 0 to 3 

Basic Beginnings is a research-based parent education program focused on raising young children from the prenatal period through 3 years of age. Research into brain development, adverse experiences, toxic stress, parent- child attachment, prenatal and early childhood health, social and emotional development and support, and other topics is incorporated in the curriculum.

Bright Beginnings logo

Bright Beginnings: A Program for Parenting Young Children Ages 0 to 8

The Bright Beginnings curriculum in currently being updated and not available for purchase at this time. Bright Beginnings is a parent education curriculum focused on parenting young children from the prenatal period through 8 years of age. The Bright Beginnings curriculum in currently being reviewed and updated and not available at this time. This program focuses on key aspects of a child’s growth and development. The significance of a child’s early years are explored through lessons on brain development, parent-child attachment, prenatal health, social development, children and play, quality child care, reading, drug and alcohol prevention, and other topics.

Gearing Up for Kindergarten logo

Gearing Up for Kindergarten: A School Readiness and Parent Involvement Program 

Gearing Up for Kindergarten is a research-based school readiness and parent education program. It is a parent and family involvement program that supports child development, school readiness, and healthy parenting.

Gearing Up for Middle School logo

Gearing Up for Middle School 

Gearing Up for Middle School is a school transition curriculum for parents and their soon-to-be middle school students. The program focuses on helping incoming middle school students, their parents, and school personnel feel prepared for the changes in expectations, responsibilities, schools, schedules, and relationships in the middle school transition.

ND Nurturing Program

Nurturing Parenting Programs 

Nurturing Parenting Programs are family-based parenting education programs that help families establish a nurturing way of life and develop healthier, stronger relationships. 

Parents Forever Logo

Parents Forever: Education to Aid Families in Transition (Divorce Education) 

Parents Forever™ is an educational program developed by University of Minnesota Extension that explores the effects of divorce on children, managing stress in family transitions (divorce, separation), and maintaining respectful, healthy relationships.

Family Table logo

Research has shown that regular and meaningful family meals offer a large variety of benefits to children and parents. See how to have fun, eat healthful and easy to prepare meals with The Family Table Program.

Aging and Wellness

Powerful Tools for Caregivers logo

Powerful Tools for Caregivers

In this program, family caregivers learn about tools needed to take care of themselves as they care for an older adult with needs, including information on reducing stress, communication, life balance, making decisions, and locating helpful resources.

Stepping On logo

Stepping On: A Fall Prevention Program for Older Adults

Stepping On is a national evidence-based program designed to help older adults learn about fall risks, explore different strategies for fall prevention, and follow through on reducing fall risks in everyday life.  

Personal and Family Finance

Design Your Succession Plan logo

Design Your Succession Plan

Design Your Succession Plan is a multi-session workshop to assist farm and ranch families get started on their succession plan and shape the future ownership of their business. 


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