Building Plans


Plans Abbreviation Key
B basement
CB  concrete block 
CF  concrete floor 
CG combination gableroof 
CSF concrete slat floor
D'BL double
F fireplace
GaR gambrel roof
GbR gable roof
GV gravity ventilation
H high
ML materials list
NTR nailed truss rafter
OH overhead
PB post-beam
RWF raised wood floor
ShR shedroof
SO side opening
StW stud wall
TR truss rafter
W wood
WC wood construction
WF wood floor
WSF wood slat floor
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Building Plans

These building and facility plans were developed over many years by engineers at Land Grant Universities. They provide conceptual information that is excellent for planning purposes.

An abbreviated description of each plan is provided in each category listing of plans.

  • 4-digit numbers: USDA Cooperative Farm Buildings Plan Exchange
  • 5-digit numbers: Midwest Plan Service (
  • Hyphenated numbers - NDSU Agricultural & Biosystems Engineers

A few plans from the Canadian Plan Service, American Plywood Association, and other sources are included.  The date the plan was developed is listed if known. You may click on the plan number to view or print. 

Plans Categories



These plans provide conceptual information. Periodic changes in the National Design Specifications for Wood Construction, changes in building materials, snow load variations and the serious impact of deviations from the plans make it imperative that professional services be utilized to tailor these plans for your situation. Suggested services include but are not limited to: structural design, assurance of compliance with codes and regulations, supervision of site selection and construction, and provision for utilities, waste management, and access. North Dakota State University, the Midwest Plan Service, the United States Department of Agriculture, and none of the cooperating Land-Grant Universities warranty these plans.

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