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Common Issues and Recommendations

Commonly reported issues with expense reporting in PeopleSoft Finance and recommended solutions from the Accounting Office

Helpful Reminders

Delegates cannot submit the Expense Report – only the employee being reimbursed can submit it.

Weekly notices from the Accounting Office notify employees of old expense reports that have been submitted but not approved and pending expense reports that have been created but not submitted.

Check out the Online Employee Reimbursement help page for how-to videos, written instructions and clips from the Accounting Office's training webinar.

Changing the order of the workflow is not possible. Workflow is setup consistently for the North Dakota University System.

Time Savers

Default Accounting (found in Actions drop-down) – Use to insert your funding on each expense line.

Create Expense Report from Existing Report (found in Quick Start drop-down)

Quick Fill – especially for several days of meals

Lodging – enter on one expense line (enter the number of nights)

Common Issues

Preferred Browser – Non-preferred browsers can lead to a variety of inexplicable glitches.

Recommendation: Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Default Location – Typing a city name in the Default Location field may cause issues when making changes to the location on expense lines. 

Recommendation: Rather than typing in the city name in the Default Location field, use the Lookup Button (magnifying glass) to look up the city. Use the Description field in the popup window to search.

Alternate recommendation: Turn off Autocomplete. Warning: This may affect other parts of PeopleSoft Finance.
The navigation is: NavBar > Navigator > My Preferences > under General Settings expand Navigation Personalizations and change Auto-Complete to No.

HR Supervisors Can’t Approve – It takes 15 minutes for budget checking to complete. If a supervisor tries to approve an expense report before the budget check has finished, the approval will not work.

Recommendation: Wait about 15 minutes for budget checking to complete. The budget status must show Valid.

Alternate recommendation: More experienced users can run a manual budget check.

Problems with Adjustments by Approvers – Funding changes and other adjustments made by approvers cause problems with the workflow. The funding and amounts are set when the employee submits the report. Subsequent changes that affect funding or amount are not recognized in the workflow.

Recommendation: Send the expense report back to the employee for all adjustments to expense types, funding, per diem deductions or any other change that affects the amount.

International Travel – Locations outside the continental U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii) are not available in the location lookup feature.

Recommendation: Leave the Default Location blank. Meal allowance rates and currency conversion must be looked up and calculated the same way you would have done on a paper expense report.

Mileage Rates – Only in-state mileage rates are available at this time. 

Recommendation: Use the Mileage In-State expense type for mileage within 300 miles of the N.D. state border. Contact the Accounting Office if another rate is needed. (Plans are for NDUS Core Technology Services to add the 18-cent out-of-state mileage rate for all employees at a later date.)

Changes to Expense Type – Any time you change the expense type, all fields will be reset as if you were starting over with a blank expense line. You will need to reenter any information you previously added.

Lodging Rate Exceeding Limits – The system requires an additional comment if the lodging rate exceeds the legal or reasonable limits built into the system.

In-State – See NDSU Policy 515, part 7.1.
Out-of-State – Employees are eligible to be reimbursed for the full amount, but an explanation is required. Whenthe report has been saved, the lodging line will be flagged and a comments bubble will appear by the location field. Click the bubble to add a note such as "conference rate" or "best available rate."

Expense Types Not Available – Either find the most related expense type or contact Accounting.

Red Flag Confusion – Click on the red flag for a description of the problem. If still confused contact Accounting.

Editing An Expense Report – Make sure you are in the Create/Edit Report screen to change an existing expense report. If you can’t change a report, you may be in the Review Report screen.

Deleting An Expense Report - Only the Employees can delete a report.

Budget Check Errors – Double check fund, department and project numbers. If those are correct, the expenses likely are exceeding the budget. Contact the department approver or the department administrative assistant.

Budget Status Not Refreshing – The user must exit the report and reenter to refresh the budget status.

Entering Project Numbers – To enter a project number you must first enter the PC Bus Unit (NDSU1) in order for project numbers to become available. After you have entered the PC Bus Unit and project number, make sure to enter the Activity Code (1). Enter any program numbers as needed.

Out of Office Replies from Approvers – Expense Reports still will get processed since there are multiple approvers in Accounting and Grant & Contract Accounting.

Terminating Employees – PeopleSoft travel module allows employees 30 days to submit an expense report after their term date. However, access to PeopleSoft may be removed sooner. More detailed information about handling expense reports for terminated employees will be available soon. In the meantime, contact the Accounting Office with any concerns.

Issues Being Worked On

Totaling of Expense Reports

For now: If you notice a totaling problem, exit the Expense Report and re-enter; totals should be refreshed.

Display Funding Information on Printed Report

For now: Hand-write the funding or capture screen shots. A special request will be made with Oracle/PeopleSoft to add the funding info.

Information Fed from HRMS

Improper Posting to Commitment Control (Budget Overview or Budget Transaction Detail)

For now: Approvers should send back the report when a funding change is needed. Report any problems noticed.

Employee Status Terminated – In the Pending Expense Report view sometimes the system incorrectly shows an Employee’s status as terminated.

Red Flags not showing for Delegate – More investigation is needed.

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