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Suggested Framework for Mentoring Process


MentorDistrict Director

Initial contact

The mentor contacts the mentee within the first week of assignment. Share mentor bio, picture, introductory information. Set up date to visit mentor's office. Schedule regular phone contacts.

District Director assigns mentor to mentee. DD will file mentor's letter with staff development contact.
Arrange for introductions to a few key agency/political people in the community. Review list of reports routinely due, date needed and what goes in them. Review a "list" of suggested community contacts.

First month of employment

The mentor sets up an initial meeting with the mentee within the first 2-3 weeks of employment. Most prefer to visit mentor site first and ask mentee to consider upcoming activities that would be beneficial for a team approach and visit the mentee site.

Review mentee/mentor web page info, list of reports routinely due, list of specialists and examine mentee's calendar.

Establish specific goals for the mentor/mentee relationship and steps to reach the goals.

Review Suggested Topics for Discussion and Suggested Activities to begin making plans. Choose one or two major topics/needs to explore in the next two to three months.

Mentees value opportunity for frequent contact by phone or email.

Both the mentor and the mentee should be clear about expectations.

The District Director contacts the mentor and the mentee to see if the first face-to-face meeting has occurred, when the next meeting is planned, and how things are going between the mentor and the mentee.
District Directors encourage county contacts to meet with new staff and arrange for "tours" as appropriate (4-H Council Chair, Crop Improvement Association, Chair, local REC director, etc.)  If appropriate, include mentor.

Second month of employment

Consider scheduling one or more of the following:
- Mentee observes mentor teaching an educational lesson.
- Mentee observes mentor facilitating a meeting.
- Schedule visit to mentee's office.
- Review "suggested activities."
- Continue to develop major topic/need items.

Review and discuss existing Action Plans in PEARS

Arrange for one or two visits with a neighboring county.
Remind FCW, ANR and 4-H program leaders to call and check in with new person if applicable.

Third, Fourth and Fifth month of employment

Continue scheduled phone calls. Consider second visit to mentor's office if needed. At the end of three months take opportunity to refocus. Review mentee's calendar. Select new topic/need items for emphasis in the next three months. Review Suggested Topics for Discussion and Suggested Activities.


Monthly contact during first six months

The mentor and the mentee meet at least twice monthly by phone. Face to face as arranged.

Continue email contacts as needed.


Six Months

Review initial goals and assess progress. Visit if appropriate. Submit 6-month report to District Director.

District Director review report and arrange compensation for mentor (half of the total amount).

District Director will determine if the mentoring relationship should continue.

If the decision is affirmative, determine new goals for the mentor/mentee relationship.

The District Director will determine what additional resources the mentor needs to continue the growth of the mentee.

If the relationship should not continue, a new mentor would be assigned for an agreed upon length of time.

Six to twelve months

Continue relationship as determined by District Director or begin new one as directed.

As appropriate, review or create mentee plan of work. Discuss and review impact statement examples. Select item (program) as a possible impact statement candidate.

The goal for the final six months of mentorship is to assist in helping new staff with upcoming activities and events. The planning and completion of an impact report, based on one program delivered in the first year is highly encouraged.


One year

Complete final progress report and submit to District Director.

The formal mentoring process is finished. The District Director will contact the mentor and the new staff member to follow up on the mentoring process. Continued informal mentoring is encouraged. As the relationship evolves to a colleague status. Compensation will be made upon review of final report.

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