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29 Field staff approved for incentive (5/13/2016)

I have good news and not so good news to report on our incentive programs. First the good news. We had a total of 29 applicants approved to receive an incentive on July 1. Kudos to the following staff for seeking this opportunity and presenting strong documentation in their applications!

  • Holly Arnold, Extension Parent Educator/Parent Resource Center, Minot
  • Kim Braulick, Extension Agent, FCS & FNP/Benson County
  • Becky Buchmann, Extension Agent, ANR/Dunn County
  • Michelle Effertz, Extension Agent, FCS/McLean County
  • Sheldon Gerhardt, Extension Agent, ANR/Logan County
  • Alicia Harstad, Extension Agent, ANR/Stutsman County
  • Kari Helgoe, Extension Agent, CLD/Pembina County
  • Bill Hodous, Extension Agent, ANR/Ramsey County
  • Mary Jean Hunter, Nutrition Education Assistant, EFNEP & FNP/Sioux County
  • Trisha Jessen, Extension Agent, FNP/Renville County
  • Callie Johnson, Extension Agent, FCS/McHenry County
  • Dena Kemmet, Extension Agent, FCS/Mercer County
  • Cindy Klapperich, Extension Agent, FCS/Sargent County, and Staff Development Coordinator
  • Michael Knudson, Extension Agent, ANR/Grand Forks County
  • Carrie Knutson, Extension Agent, 4-HYD/Grand Forks County
  • Julie Kramlich, Extension Agent, ANR/Adams County
  • Samantha Lahman, Extension Agent, ANR/Pembina County
  • Sara Laite, Extension Agent, FNP/Ramsey County
  • Deb Lee, Extension Agent, FCS/Ransom County
  • Lindsay Maddock, Extension Agent, ANR/Wells County
  • Penny Nester, Extension Agent, ANR/Kidder County
  • Jean Noland, Extension Agent, EFNEP/Grand Forks County
  • Rick Schmidt, Extension Agent, ANR/Oliver County
  • Molly Soeby, Extension Agent, FCS/Grand Forks County & Extension Parent Educator/Parent Resource Center, Grand Forks
  • Tara Sondeland, Extension Agent, FNP/Pembina County
  • Acacia Stuckle, Extension Agent, 4-HYD/Emmons County & Extension Agent, 4-HYD & FCS/Kidder County
  • Rita Ussatis, Extension Agent, FCS/Cass County
  • Janet Wanek, Extension Agent, FCS/Dunn County
  • Todd Weinmann, Extension Agent, ANR-Horticulture/Cass County

The Advanced Degree Incentive Opportunity gives agents and Extension-funded parent educators the opportunity to add $3,000 to their base salary (in addition to a previous $3,000 increase they would have received upon completion of a master’s degree or Ph.D.) for maintaining rigor and scholarly work in their Extension position above standard expectations. The Learn and Lead Incentive Program for agents, Extension-funded parent educators and nutrition education assistants, rewards performance involving impact, initiative, leadership, educational instruction, creativity and scholarship in addition to meeting basic job expectations. Learn and Lead applicants can opt for a $1,000 cash stipend or $2,000 in professional development funds.

The not so good news is that we are suspending these incentive programs for next year because of budget cuts. In the meantime, we are going to adjust the application process so the submission deadline is better and the review process is improved. During this period of suspension, field staff can still achieve and document several of the items that can be used when the program resumes. (More achievements can be carried forward in the Advance Degree program than the Learn and Lead program. Check the existing application forms for details.)

I thank the agents, specialists and program leaders who reviewed the applications this year.

Chris Boerboom, Extension Director

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