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Welcome and professional development (6/6/2012)
Legislative update sessions, soil health and Morrill Act anniversary (7/2/2012)
Kudos to staff (7/6/2012)
SBARE priorities for the NDSU Extension Service (7/17/2012)
Morrill Act 150th anniversary video now downloadable (7/18/2012)
N.D. State Fair (7/31/2012)
Accepting applications for 2013 NELD North Central (8/16/2012)
Accepting applications for 2012-2013 administrative internships (8/16/2012)
What Extension program wowed you this past year? (8/22/2012)
Search committees appointed (8/28/2012)
2013 NELD North Central participants chosen (9/21/2012)
2012-2013 administrative interns selected (9/21/2012)
It’s true – a new name badge is on its way. (9/21/2012)
Several staff members to receive eXtension awards (10/1/2012)
Copyright, Creative Commons and Fair Use Guidelines (10/1/2012)
Extreme Makeover – County and REC Support Staff Edition (10/2/2012)
Fall Conference right around the corner (10/15/2012)
Post Conference (11/9/2012)
ID needed to receive state rates for in-state business travel (11/15/2012)
You do great work! (11/15/2012)
FAQs about the new district assignment areas soon to be put into place (12/4/2012)
Extinction of Extension article (12/14/2012)
Two in Extension received awards Dec. 13 (12/14/2012)
Update on North Dakota SARE (1/29/2013)
Professional development good prep for leadership roles in Extension (2/13/2013)
Discussion of oil and gas development in Divide, McKenzie and Bowman counties (2/25/2013)
Reports – who needs ‘em? (3/4/2013)
Well done – we are proud of you! (4/11/2013)
Wanted - office makeover contestants (4/30/2013)
Legislative report (5/6/2013)
PILD experience is excellent (5/7/2013)
The value of working for the NDSU Extension Service (5/16/2013)
Three promoted (5/21/2013)
News for NDSU employees from HR/Payroll and the NDUS office (7/3/2013)
Interns receiving hands-on, local experience (7/23/2013)
Accepting applications for 2013-2014 administrative/ELT internships (7/30/2013)
Accepting applications for 2014 NELD North Central (7/30/2013)
What Extension program wowed you this past year? (8/23/2013)
"For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" (8/26/2013)
2014 NELD North Central and 2014 Support Staff Conference Planning Committee (9/18/2013)
North Dakota 4-H Camp update (10/1/2013)
Award winners at Galaxy out of this world! (10/3/2013)
Even more awards! (10/4/2013)
Spotlight on Sioux County (10/11/2013)
Want to test drive an ELT appointment? (11/4/2013)
Continue learning (11/22/2013)
15 Extension employees recognized (12/13/2013)
2014 administrative interns selected (12/23/2013)
21 down, 32 to go (12/23/2013)
Giving Hearts Day, Feb. 13, 2014 (1/28/2014)
Sponsorship Guidelines (2/3/2014)
Extension centennial tools ready (2/18/2014)
Kudos to Abbey, Bob and Dave (3/5/2014)
Governor's Award nominees and recipient in our midst (3/20/2014)
Extension initiatives for 2015-2017 legislative session (3/20/2014)
SHARE Talk: Local relationships and relevancy (3/27/2014)
Social Media: Another example of successful connections (4/2/2014)
817,427 (4/3/2014)
“Leadership” and “Excellence” describe Willie Huot’s and Mohamed Khan’s work (4/4/2014)
Three staff members add CCA to their CVs (4/4/2014)
North Dakota 4-H Camp update and 2014 camp season (4/8/2014)
Reflections on 2014 PILD Conference (4/24/2014)
Extension staff recognized with three of nine awards presented (4/30/2014)
Two promoted (5/22/2014)
Karen Armstrong awarded with Green & Golden Globe (5/22/2014)
Simple courtesy (5/23/2014)
Awards just keep coming! (6/20/2014)
Heroes at North Dakota 4-H Camp (6/20/2014)
Accepting applications for 2015 NELD North Central (6/24/2014)
What Extension program wowed you this past year? (7/2/2014)
Burleigh County Junior Master Gardener interns (7/17/2014)
NDSU Extension county summer interns (7/17/2014)
Three selected for 2015 NELD NC (9/2/2014)
NIFA Centennial Webinar “Extension in the 21st Century” (9/3/2014)
Want to test drive an ELT appointment? (10/30/2014)
The NEW eXtension (11/19/2014)
Several staff members receive awards (12/8/2014)
Administrative internship program going strong (12/8/2014)
16 + 1 = a whole lot of applause (12/16/2014)
Recognition at NAE4-HA annual meeting (12/19/2014)
Leadership and research excellence recognized (1/21/2015)
Agents excel in Farm Bill training (1/22/2015)
7 Habits of Highly Effective People (1/27/2015)
Extension Staff Directory overhauled (1/29/2015)
Extension reaches Native American audiences across North Dakota (2/11/2015)
We are NDSU Extension: Our Purpose and Vision (3/13/2015)
932,678 direct contacts in 2014 (3/23/2015)
We are NDSU Extension: Our Strategic Direction and Intent (4/2/2015)
We are NDSU Extension: Our Goals and Objectives (4/22/2015)
NDSU Staff Awards (4/28/15)
PILD 2015 a good one (4/29/2015)
Three promoted (5/7/2015)
200 years of service! (5/8/2015)
18 employees participate in new incentive programs (5/8/2015)
We are NDSU Extension: Core Values (5/26/2015)
Paving the Way to a New Destiny (6/9/2015)
We are NDSU Extension: Agreement (6/9/2015)
Accepting applications for 2016 NELD North Central (6/11/2015)
Five receive awards at NACAA annual meeting (7/27/2015)
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