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16 Extension employees recognized (12/13/2016)

The ceremony for the NDSU Agriculture and Extension Faculty/Staff Awards was held on campus last Thursday. I had the pleasure of helping recognize the 15 Extension colleagues who were nominated for awards of excellence. The nominees and recipients were:

  • Chris Anderson, Production Manager-Print & Copy Services/Agriculture Communication
  • Paige Brummund, Extension Agent, ANR/Ward County
  • Carl Dahlen, Extension Beef Cattle Specialist/Animal Sciences (recipient AGSCO Excellence in Extension Award)
  • Sonja Fuchs, Web Technology Specialist/Agriculture Communication
  • Michelle Grant, Accounting Specialist/Plant Sciences
  • Hans Kandel, Extension Agronomist/Plant Sciences
  • Dena Kemmet, Extension Agent, FCS/Mercer County
  • Sharon Lane, Distribution Center Manager/Agriculture Communication (recipient, Donald and Jo Anderson Staff Award)
  • Miranda Meehan, Extension Livestock Environmental Stewardship Specialist/Animal Sciences
  • John Nowatzki, Extension Ag Machine Systems Specialist/Ag & Biosystems Engineering
  • David Ripplinger, Extension Bioproducts-Bioenergy Economist/Agribusiness and Applied Economics
  • Andy Robinson, Extension Potato Agronomist/Plant Sciences (recipient, Myron & Muriel Johnsrud Excellence in Extension/Outreach Award)
  • Acacia Stuckle, Extension Agent, FCS & 4-HYD/Emmons and Kidder Counties
  • Danelle Walker, Assistant Office Manager-Entomology/School of Natural Resource Sciences
  • Todd Weinmann, Extension Agent, ANR- Horticulture/Cass County

Ag and Ext Faculty/Staff Awards 2016I said at the ceremony, and will say again here, that I sincerely thank not only the nominees for their outstanding work, but those who took the time to tell their peer’s stories and the selection committees who had the very difficult task of selecting only one recipient for each award.


Pictured left to right are President Bresciani, Carl Dahlen, Sharon Lane, Andy Robinson and Chris Boerboom



Cavalier SCD Achievement Award 2016Last, but certainly not least, please join me in a shout out to the Langdon Research Extension Center and Naeem Kalwar for their recent selection for a North Dakota Soil Conservation District Achievement Award. LREC Director Randy Mehlhoff noted, “Naeem Kalwar’s Extension soil health program is directly responsible for the Langdon REC being named the achievement winner for 2016 in Cavalier County. His soil health program is educating growers on the importance of soil health both in workshops and in real life practices at the Langdon REC.”

Congratulations all!

Chris Boerboom, Extension Director

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Wonder what ELT does? Apply for an administrative internship. (10/25/2016)

Please consider applying for an ELT administrative internship. Lynette Flage, Ken Hellevang, Jodi Bruns, Julie Garden-Robinson, Charlie Stoltenow, Ron Wiederholt, Rita Ussatis, Mohamed Khan, Chris Augustin, Kevin Sedivec, Todd Weinmann, Lisa Pederson, Joe Zeleznik, Dena Kemmet and Crystal Schaunaman have all joined the ELT as administrative interns. They’d recommend it to others as a good learning experience. The ELT also finds tremendous value in the fresh perspectives and insights interns bring to the team. If you are a full-time agent, or area or state specialist with a master’s or doctorate, and have five of more years of service with NDSU Extension, please consider if this is your time to apply. We’re taking applications for a Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2017 appointment now through Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016. Click here for a description of the program and application form.

Chris Boerboom, Extension Director

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Celebrating Fall Conference 2016 (10/25/2016)

Thanks to all for a highly successful Fall Extension & REC Conference. I didn’t know how Bruce Sundeen would manage it, but he captured the essence of NDSU Extension Service (us) in our green and gold last Thursday. Here’s to Extending Knowledge; Changing Lives.

2016 Fall Conference Group Photo

Chris Boerboom, Extension Director

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“Let’s Make Work Better” (10/14/2016)

Without a doubt, NDSU Extension has great accomplishments every day. But at times, it’s tempting for the hiccups in a day to get our attention. This is where a great TEDxUMN Talk titled, “Let’s Make Work Better,” can help all of us reset our outlook. In the Talk, Dr. Theresa Glomb, accomplished professor with the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, lays out some research-based tips that make me re-think my day. Check out the description and short video at the link below for practical advice to “gripe less and celebrate more, stop multitasking, and help others.”

Deb Gebeke was moved by Dr. Glomb’s research as well, so much so that she prepared a neat little half-sheet summary that’s been shared at staff gatherings around the state. And at Fall Conference, she’ll be handing out magnets printed with a reminder to work hard, have fun, choose kind and be present. (Thank you, Deb.) If you don’t have a chance to get one or both and want them to help you “reset,” contact after conference.

Chris Boerboom, Extension Director

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NELD North Central 2017 participants selected (9/16/2016)

NDSU Extension Service remains committed to professional development. Though we are reducing our participation level in the next NELD class due to budget considerations, we are pleased that interest remains strong in this professional and personal leadership development program. Selected from the applications for the 2017 class are Mark Boetel, entomologist, and Paige Brummund, Ward County Extension agent. We wish them a challenging and rewarding experience, and look forward to their sharing with the organization a takeaway or two that they plan to incorporate into their roles with NDSU Extension.

Chris Boerboom, Extension Director

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Branding the NDSU Extension Service (8/30/2016)

The Extension branding committee has used the For Employees blog to introduce the concept of branding and the new branding website, and to share NDSU’s branding guidelines.

This post focuses on some of the branding efforts specific to the NDSU Extension Service.

  • Use the full, correct name of our organization – North Dakota State University Extension Service or NDSU Extension Service then your department/office/county.
  • When you’re out in the public eye, wear your name badge and hand out your business card.
  • When you host a meeting, have an NDSU Extension Service PowerPoint slide projecting or posters or banners in the room as people enter. It markets Extension and lets people know they’re in the right place.
  • Answer your phone professionally by saying “NDSU Extension Service – Franklin County” or “NDSU Extension Service – Animal Sciences” or “Carrington Research Extension Center; this is Joe,” or something similar.
  • List your office phone number in local phone books and online so people can find you.

Branding includes these details and more. By consistently and professionally representing the NDSU Extension Service, people will have positive feelings about our organization. And each of us following the branding guidelines will help make that happen.

Kelli Armbruster, Becky Koch and Lori Lymburner

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What Extension program wowed you this past year? (8/9/2016)

When you think back on the past year, what one team-based Extension program really wowed you or made you proud? We want to hear about it!

The NDSU Extension Service will recognize teams for outstanding educational program achievement with Program Excellence Team Awards at the 2016 Fall Extension and Research Extension Center Conference. These team awards are based on the involvement of county, area and/or state staff in the design, delivery and evaluation of educational programs. Consideration will be given to both county-led and state-led programs. The cash part of the recognition is made possible through the generous support of FARM and RANCH GUIDE.

Agents…specialists…support staff…nutrition education assistants – everyone is encouraged to apply for a Program Excellence Team Award. Also, please encourage other colleagues to apply.  Applications are due on or before Friday, Sept. 9, 2016. Simply follow the application instructions found at

Do we require applications to include a program Impact Report? We do. It can be a draft version or a final copy that you have already submitted. If you need help with that, instructions are available at

Here are the criteria that the selection committee will look for in applications:

  • Responsive to the needs facing North Dakota citizens/stakeholders
  • Appropriate, measurable learning objectives
  • Innovative approach to program development and delivery
  • Quality educational materials included in application
  • Evidence that learning objectives were accomplished (minimum of level 2.5, and level 3 or 4 outcomes rate higher)
  • Completeness of application
  • At least three years have passed since this program has received a Program Excellence Award

Please encourage your colleagues to apply but don’t be shy about applying directly for your team.

I look forward to the applause this October.

Chris Boerboom, Extension Director

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Eight recognized at NACAA annual meeting (8/3/2016)

NACAA 2016


The National Association of County Agricultural Agents annual meeting and professional development conference was a success. This year’s meeting took place at Little Rock, AR, July 24-28. Eight NDSU Extension agents and specialists were recognized by their national peers for their accomplishments and quality of programming. Please join me in a round of applause for all eight, and an encore for Sheldon and Karl, our national winners.

Hoppe and Gerhardt NACAA 2016Sheldon Gerhardt, Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources/Logan County. Achievement Award – National Winner

Karl Hoppe, Area Extension Specialist, Livestock Systems/Carrington Research Extension Center. Distinguished Service Award – National Winner

Willie Huot, Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources/Grand Forks County. Hall of Fame – Regional Winner

Rick Schmidt, Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources/Oliver County. Excellence in 4-H Programming – State Winner

Todd Weinmann, Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources-Horticulture/Cass County. Fact Sheet, Video Presentation, Excellence in 4-H Programming and Search for Excellence in Consumer or Commercial Horticulture – State Winner; Search for Excellence in Farm Health and Safety, and Search for Excellence in Forestry and Natural Resources – National Finalist

David Ripplinger, Extension Bioproducts/Bioenergy Economist, Agribusiness and Applied Economics. SARE/NACAA Fellows Program – State Winner

Mohamed Khan, Extension Sugarbeet Specialist, Plant Pathology. Search for Excellence in Crop Production – State Winner

Crystal Schaunaman, Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources/McIntosh County. Search for Excellence in Farm and Ranch Financial Management – National Finalist

Chris Boerboom, Extension Director

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Accepting applications for 2017 NELD North Central (7/14/2016)

The Extension Leadership Team invites applications from agents, area and state specialists, and administrators who are interested in participating in the 2017 NELD North Central program. Applicants must be full-time employees with at least three years of service with NDSU Extension. A program overview provided by University of Minnesota Extension (the host institution) provides a good description of what it's all about. Participants' transportation, meals, lodging and seminar tuition will be supported with state funds.

The program is a cumulative experience requiring full commitment and participation. In addition to completion of personal assessment tools, pre-work assignments and webinars between sessions, participants will attend four, on-site seminars as follows:

  • Session 1, January 23-27, 2017, Chicago, IL, Understanding My Role as Leader
  • Session 2, March 31-April 8, 2017, Costa Rica, Entering the Realm of the Other
  • Session 3, July 10-14, 2017, Washington, DC, Leading in a Shared Power World
  • Session 4, September 19-22, 2017, St Paul, MN, Integrating Leadership for Change

One or two participants will be selected from the applications that reach my office by Friday, Aug. 12, 2016. Please allow enough time to get the needed signatures along the way.

As you consider whether or not to apply, you may find it helpful to visit with a few of your colleagues who have participated in recent years.

  • 2016   Julie Garden-Robinson, Penny Nester & Todd Weinmann
  • 2015   Hans Kandel, Karla Monson & Amy Tichy
  • 2014   Marcia Hellandsaas & Lisa Pederson
  • 2013   Chris Augustin, Vanessa Hoines, Dena Kemmet, LoAyne Voigt & Joe Zeleznik

We invite you to consider this opportunity to look at leadership in a new way.

Chris Boerboom, Extension Director

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Brad Brummond selected as NCR-SARE Hero (6/27/2016)

Brad Brummond 2016North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture and Research Education (NCR-SARE) has chosen Brad Brummond, Walsh County Extension ANR agent, as one of two recipients of that organization’s “Hero” award. Brad’s selection is based on his service to the NCR-SARE, his leadership in sustainable agriculture and the lasting impact he’s had on sustainability in the North Central Region. This is much deserved recognition for Brad having worked tirelessly with organic and sustainable farming programs in the state and region for more than 25 years. Brad will receive the award at the SARE Administrative Council meeting at Columbus, Ohio on July 12. You can read more about it in Ag Communication’s and SARE’s official press releases.

Applause photoPlease join me in a round of applause.

Chris Boerboom, Extension director

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